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From cinnebar <>
Subject Re: jQuery dependency (Re: Futon Improvements)
Date Mon, 14 Sep 2009 15:57:31 GMT

> I've haven't seen you being particularly helpful, but then I haven't been
reading your all your posts very closely
> either. However, you've definitely been disrespectful to others and if you
wish participate in this community I
> suggest you so in a respectful manner.

Basically im doing the best I can.  I dont disrespect others intentionally
but my big picture is uncommon.

> In regards to JQuery functionality. You absolutely, positively DO NOT need
to use JQuery to use or administer
> CouchDB. You can do everything through simple tools like command line CURL
if you want.

> Futon is a set of static files in special dir served up via the Mochiweb
server. Futon definitely has dependency
> on JQuery

Im not sure how to express to you just how entirely I understand these

> If you want a client that doesn't have a dependency on JQuery, then lead
an effort to make one and the PMC
> will consider it for inclusion into the project.  Feel free to organize
such an effort on our mailling lists.

As it happens I am significantly involved in a large project already at the
moment.  We are feeding a wide scoped interrelated app set to json docs and
using CouchDB to store and serve them which is why I initially involved
myself in this mail list.

The code lib we are developing is specific to the app set for an ERP system
we are already working with however I expect due to the nature of the
project at some point it will be a simple matter to use replication to
generate an app with a Futon feature set and requirements.  It will take
some time as, for example, we are finding that refactoring and augmenting a
modular code base to apply js objects stored as standard json docs can be
complex though worthwhile in our view.  Unfortunately this the most I
personally can reasonably offer regarding Futon dev at the moment.

>I hope you are sincere in your desire to help.

Ultimately we are concerned to assist where we can with ensuring the long
term viability and profile development of CouchDB.  Beyond this I am
personally interested in supporting the use and development of CouchDB.
Following what I have learned and experienced recently its intriguing me how
the current dynamic will accommodate what may be potentially millions of new

That said I really have been meaning to take a break from this mailing list
but people keep posing questions specifically in response to posts I have
made, and because I dont actually wish to be disrespectful, I have been
continuing to respond.  It really was not my intention to get so entangled
in the recent discussions.   If my efforts to help have been unhelpful that
is a disappointment... Never the less it would seem now is an appropriate
juncture to take a timeout.

Please understand I appreciate your taking the time to email, sincere
apologies for any disturbance and thanks for the invite to be involved in
the mailing lists whatever the reason.

UPS to you, UPS to Apache CouchDB and UPS to orders of magnitude.


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