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From Blair Zajac <>
Subject Re: The Strange Case of the Overarching Admin Accounts
Date Sat, 05 Sep 2009 06:29:43 GMT
Adam Kocoloski wrote:
> On Sep 4, 2009, at 1:32 PM, eric casteleijn wrote:
>> I'm having a problem that is making me doubt my sanity, and I wonder 
>> if someone can reproduce this or tell me how I'm stupid:
>> I have a system couchdb server installed, and have added an admin 
>> account to it with this command:
>> curl -X PUT http://localhost:5984/_config/admins/thisfred3 -d 
>> '"password3"'
>> That works fine, the admin account is written to 
>> /etc/couchdb/local.ini with a hashed password as one would expect, and 
>> persists between couchdb sessions. Wonderful.
>> Now when I start up a different couchdb server (after stopping the 
>> system one, but I don't really think that matters.) on a different 
>> port, with a different (newly created) db_dir and a completely 
>> different .ini file, like so:

I see the same problem, but only if I'm changing servers on the same port.  Are 
you sure that's not the case?


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