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From Nitin Borwankar <>
Subject e4x, xml and json
Date Fri, 04 Sep 2009 00:31:15 GMT

If an xml document is imported into a Couchdb database via e4x in the 
middle of the forest does anyone hear it scream?

No, but more seriously:

If an xml document is imported into couchdb via built in e4x support in 
spidermonkey then

a) is it browsable as a  JS document in futon?  Else  futon shows it as 
b) is it queriable in a view over a collection of documents that has 
both XML origin docs and json origin docs ?

I guess my overarching question is does the internal representation of a 
doc in couch have any memory of the format it came in as?  Or is it true 
that once the data is in couch - it is indistinguishable as to it's 
origin format - and all these data items can be rendered as JSON by 
querying over them uniformly, with no regard to origin format.
I suspect the latter but I haven't spent any time (= my ample spare time 
is not that ample) looking at the btree code to  answer this question 
for myself.

Thanks for helping,


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