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From "Dean Landolt" <>
Subject Re: action servers
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2008 04:16:12 GMT
On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 10:42 PM, Chris Anderson <> wrote:

> Dean, what OS are you on? I'm due to try a from-scratch install on a
> VM, and I've got a MacBook laying around that needs action2, so I'll
> try those installs in the next couple of days. Hopefully it's
> something easy to fix when I've reproduced it.
> On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 7:28 PM, Dean Landolt <>
> wrote:
> > (I hope you don't mind my poking around your db internals, jchris)
> Please feel free to as long as you play nice. If you'd like to deploy
> your feed reader to my CouchDB, you're welcome to. No promises about
> uptime!

Beautiful -- and I promise I'll be nice. Though, couch's sound design means
there's nothing I can do to your system (other than drop your dbs, which I
won't touch obviously). Are there any other security concerns in that light?
I've left my instance wide for a few friends to play with -- perhaps I
should have asked this earlier.

> > It's got everything you referenced (and the paths look right -- it's a
> > strait install). So I'm still at a loss. Ah well -- I'm trying to slap
> > together an unobtrusive google reader clone so I've gots plenty to do
> before
> > I need to worry about persistence. I can just do everything in the
> browser
> > in the meantime.
> Very cool. I'm working on a Twitter client, and it hasn't even needed
> to dip into action servers yet. The main action use I can see for you
> would be as a built-in proxy for fetching RSS feeds.

I know -- I *was* poking around. I feel like such a peeping tom, though it
does have a TI-82 feel (my high school baseline -- am I dating myself with
that one?)...

I noticed you were still action-free -- but to do it unobtrusively I'm going
to need the action server for every request -- and based on the req obj it
can decide whether to pass the whole template or just the small piece that I
can jQuery.load into the dom (I haven't been able to examine the req yet but
I imagine I'll be able to get to the jQuery X-Requested-With header it
passes in). But yeah, if I squash the unobtrusive thing I'll probably only
need an action for periodic feed updates (any ideas on a good cron strategy
for something like an action server that would take through replication?).

> The Twitter client is up on my public couch now. I haven't tried it on
> anything but a Mac with firefox/firebug or Safari. It seems to work.
> Please let me know if it works for you!

I already tried it -- I couldn't help myself. An hour ago all I got was a
black screen -- now I see some action down below (other than the tweet form
everything gets cut off on Firefox Ubuntu Hardy).

> (I don't store passwords, or even see them - the browser just basic
> auth's with Twitter's JSONP api.) There's a cosmetic problem when
> posting status updates, where Twitter's response gets downloaded
> instead of silently hitting the iframe... I sure hope I can solve that
> while still maintaining the direct user-twitter connection.

Screw cosmetics. Don't forget there's always a better designer out there --
justTI-85 the thing and that's easy enough for someone else to fix!

> >
> > I haven't even gotten started yet and I think I'm starting to love this
> > javascript + javascript development.
> >
> Glad you like it!

I'm a python guy but I've really grown to appreciate the beauty of
javascript. Frankly I'm starting to really miss js anonymous function blocks
every time I try to cram a lambda onto one line (among other things).

But this whole notion of not having to worry about
Just thinking about it makes me want to almost cry.

> --
> Chris Anderson

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