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From "Dan Scott" <>
Subject code4lib presentation on CouchDB
Date Sat, 08 Mar 2008 02:54:11 GMT

A couple of weeks ago, I gave a 20-minute presentation on CouchDB at
the code4lib conference (a collection of library developers and
library geeks). The session was recorded, and the video will be
available from the Internet Archive at some point in the future - but
I thought I would share the slides with the community:

Note that:

1) My background is with relational databases - 8 years with DB2 and
co-authoring a book on Apache Derby - so the "delicious sacrilege" of
the title refers to my encounters with a document database

2) Owing to those 8 years at IBM, I had a whole lot of (mostly bad)
experiences with Notes. But after a few days of playing around with
CouchDB, I'm a believer in its potential for good.

3) I was running CouchDB trunk as of two weeks ago, so I think I got
hit by the API change for attachments and couldn't successfully
retrieve the attachments I was adding to docs. No big deal; I knew
what was going on.

4) I was hoping to have the 200 people in the audience playing with
CouchDB on my laptop during my presentation, but suffered a desktop
crash on the way to the podium which brought down the server. Alas, no
live scalability test :(

I should note that the presentation itself is licensed under a
Creative Commons BY-NC license, should anyone want to reuse or improve

A big thanks to Damian and the rest of the CouchDB developers!

Dan Scott
Laurentian University

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