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From "Johan Sørensen" <>
Subject Re: ruby interfaces - the winner is?
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2008 20:09:45 GMT
On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 10:50 AM, Sho Fukamachi <> wrote:
>  Finally decided to take the plunge and start integrating CouchDB into
>  a web app. It's a messaging application, and I'm attracted to Couch
>  because of its replication ability - I need servers across 3
>  continents to be "eventually consistent" and my hair starts turning
>  grey just thinking about Postgres for that.
>  I intend to initially run it in parallel with the PostgreSQL tables.
>  Should make for some interesting benchmarks : )
>  I'm most comfortable in Ruby so looking at the various ruby
>  interfaces. There's at least three I know of - CouchObject, CouchDb-
>  Ruby and the new ActiveCouch. I'd love to know what other test
>  adopters are doing. - which do you use, O Rubyists?

I use my own :) (

That said, I'd say it really depends on what you plan on doing, since
you mention replication across three continents I'm guessing you're
comfortable with getting down and nitty-gritty with some real code
(and not just through a "framework").

Keep in mind that the CouchDb interface is beautifully simple; JSON
structures in and out through HTTP verbs. That's simple enough to
write a simple class for in a jiffy.
ActiveCouch and CouchObject (the git versions, in particular
sebastians clone on offers more fluffy convenience
around the basic core. So I'd say look at your needs and the pick the
one you like the most, or write your own if none of them fit your
needs. Actually, scratch that, consider contributing back to one of
them ;)

Whatever you end up using, please do report back some of your
experiences with CouchDB specifically, especially if you end up using
it in a production-like environment.

>  thanks,
>  Sho


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