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From Guby <>
Subject Querying views with keys containing question marks
Date Sun, 02 Mar 2008 19:55:25 GMT
When querying a view using a key that contains a question mark I get  
an error.

[info] [<0.92.0>] HTTP Request: GET /mydb/_view/feed/by_feed_url?key= 
%22http:\/\/\/?feed=rss%22 HTTP/1.1
[info] [<0.92.0>] HTTP Error (code 500): {obj,[{error,"EXIT"},
_view/feed/by_feed_url\",\n                   \"key=%22http:\\\\/\\\\/ 
\\\\/\",\"feed=rss%22\"]}},\n [{mod_couch,parse_uri,1},\n   
{mod_couch,do,1},\n  {httpd_response,traverse_modules,2},\n   
{httpd_request_handler,handle_response,1},\n  {gen_server,handle_msg, 
5},\n  {proc_lib,init_p,5}]}"}]}
[info] [<0.92.0>] HTTP Response Code:500

It seems the key is split up at the question mark but that isn't what  
I intended!
The wiki says the values should be JSON encoded, but question marks  
don't get encoded to my knowledge?

I tried substituting the question mark with %3F, which should be the  
CGI escaped variant, but that clearly doesn't get converted back on  
the couch db side because then it doesn't find the documents it is  
supposed to find.

Any ideas how to fix this? Other than substituting question marks in  
my data in the DB which I am going to use to use as keys?

Best regards

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