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From Sho Fukamachi <>
Subject Re: ruby interfaces - the winner is?
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2008 04:22:20 GMT
Thanks for the responses!

(combined reply)

> I'm just now hacking together yet another Ruby CouchDB library. It's
> called CouchRest and is based on Heroku's RestClient as recommended by
> Noah Slater.

I just took a look at that and it's a lot simpler than I thought! I'll  
definitely check out rest/client, maybe that's what I wanted all along.

> You might try looking at CouchObject or CouchRest to see how the
> thinner (less code) libraries handle CouchDB. As Johan said, the
> CouchDB HTTP API is so simple and elegant, that you may not need as
> much indirection as you're used to with Postgres etc.

I think you might be right about that. I was assuming it was going to  
be a nightmare (like, as you said, writing an interface for Postgres)  
but looking at how simple your initial implementation is makes me  
think I should just roll my own. Almost all the low-level stuff I was  
not looking forward to doing is handled by rest-client.

> That said, I'd say it really depends on what you plan on doing, since
> you mention replication across three continents I'm guessing you're
> comfortable with getting down and nitty-gritty with some real code
> (and not just through a "framework").

Well, I don't mind getting down and dirty - it's just a matter of how  
much time it takes : ) But I'm beginning to think it might take so  
little time it's not especially faster to learn a pre-existing  
"framework" after all.

Thanks for the responses, guys! And thanks for the code - it's really  

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