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From Alan Bell <>
Subject Re: IMAP IDLE and realtime views
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2008 23:15:39 GMT
I think the COMET call is the way forward, I just never heard of COMET 
before today, but it is exactly the same concept as the IDLE command in 
IMAP. The problem with a callback via XMPP or otherwise is that the 
server has to be able to address and call the client, who may be behind 
a NAT firewall or a proxy, may disconnect altogether and may move about. 
I like XMPP, but it is a whole other protocol to handle and runs on 
another port so is another potential firewall issue.


Chris Anderson wrote:
> Alan,
> I was thinking along similar lines (that it would be cool to have real
> time notification when a new row is added to a view). This would be
> useful if the view corresponded to a business action that needs to
> occur, etc. One could just make a view with the creation time of the
> documents as the key, and create an RSS/Atom feed of the top of the
> view.
> That solution isn't as flexible as actually having a callback on the
> view server, which would fired each time map() is called. Perhaps this
> general-purpose view callback could use Jabber / XMPP?
> Chris
> On Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 3:54 AM, Alan Bell
> <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>>  the Apple iPhone does push email by supporting IMAP IDLE. Basically what
>>  this does is the client starts a regular IMAP session with the server
>>  checking email etc. It then calls the IDLE command, the server does not
>>  respond to this and complete the request until a new mail is delivered.
>>  When the IDLE command completes the client goes through all the regular
>>  IMAP commands to check for a new mail in the inbox.
>>  I would like to see an idle query option on couchdb views. This would
>>  only return when the view index is changed (it doesn't need to be
>>  accurate, it doesn't matter much if it returns when there is actually no
>>  update to the view)
>>  With this a client could maintain a rendering of a view updating it
>>  automatically in real time if it wanted to.
>>  Does this make sense?
>>  Alan.

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