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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject CouchDB 2.0 Release Candidate 2
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2016 09:06:39 GMT
Hi everyone,

I’m happy to announce release candidate 2 of CouchDB 2.0 \o/

Up top on

Testing documentation here:

Changes since RC1:

> bdb68b9 feat: improve `make rc`: show list of commits since last RC
> 9b7511a feat: add `make rc` target. Requires `COUCH_RC` env var set to an int.
> b68e094 Revise Windows installation readme
> 79d9aaf Quote application paths on Windows
> e07dfde Use couch_epi:decide for validate_dbname
> dd8943e Copy LICENSE file into release
> d40ce3e Copy couchjs to rel for Windows
> 18d1764 Pull in replicator fix for connection:close handling
> 7b06c98 More Windows fixes; make release now works
> 9620ff6 Clean up ./dev/run output
> d0b8d79 dep(couch): pull in compaction test fixes
> 660c32f Remove unbuilt doc targets from Win build
> 33c8ca6 Bump docs repo for Windows changes
> 47a65c0 Add Windows Makefile, bump docs repo to match
> 212ac60 pull fix for sorted=false view feature (COUCHDB-3060)

* * *

A few notes on the “RC process” that I’ve just made up on the spot
(e.g. happy to hear about improvements =).

We’ll publish a new RC every Thursday before the weekly news come out
that includes any commits on master since the last RC and announce it on
dev@, user@ and marketing@ like In this email above.

We do this until we are comfortable that everything is in a state that
we’re happy to call a release.

* * *

A few things that we have to do during the RC-phase:

- double, triple, and quadruple-check all LICENSE and NOTICE files to adhere to ASF policy
and to make sure we don’t pull in any incompatible licenses (e.g. *GPL) as dependencies.

- docs: make sure we get up to speed with 2.0 so it makes sense to people
who get started. This is mainly adding cluster bits, as most of the rest stays the same.

- blog post series: as outlined by Jenn, thanks to all the volunteers who signed up already

- integrate the new logo everywhere (fauxton, docs, installers, website)

- prepare website update (should make big splash about cluster and replication, and replication-family

- update breaking changes docs

- update deprecations warnings and docs
 - specifically, Alexander Shorin is working on pulling together a 1.7.0 release, that should
include any deprecation warnings for things that are gone in 2.0 and onwards (either temporarily
or permanently). We should get 1.7.0 out at the same time or before 2.0.

- figure out a way for more people to test release candidates more thoroughly. Elasticsearch
has had good experience with an idea I suggested to them: send swag to anyone who reports
an issue on a release candidate. Maybe Cloudant can spring for cool and exclusive CouchDB
coffee/tea mugs with the new logo via Spreadshirt/Cafepress/etc… (so we don’t have to
worry about fulfilment).

* * *

Let’s do this! :)

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