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From Jenn Turner <>
Subject CouchDB 2.0 blog series
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2016 20:07:22 GMT
Hello there!  
We’re getting closer to releasing CouchDB 2.0 and leading up to its official
release, we want to publish a series of blog posts examining topics like the
history of the project, differences between the 2.0 and 1.0 architecture,
unpacking the new features, and so forth.  
To accomplish this **we need your help**, we need 7-8 CouchDB users to help
write these posts. Don’t worry, we’re not after Shakespeare here, just
introducing an idea in 200-300 words, to get folks interested in CouchDB 2.0.
I’ll be available to help with editing and coordinating the publication
Ideally, we’ll be able to release two posts a week, one on Monday and
Wednesday, with the weekly news still going out on Thursdays, so we’re not
over saturating the blog. Jan Lehnardt has volunteered to kick off the series
next week, with a post on the The Road to CouchDB 2.0 on Monday.  
That means we need a volunteer to write one for next Wednesday, July 27. We’re
still tossing around ideas for giving the 7-8 authors of these posts a special
kind of CouchDB swag, if that helps. :)  
Below is a list of topics (also important: if you have an idea for a topic you
**don’t see** below, please let us know!):  
**The Road to CouchDB 2.0**: (Jan)  
\- History of the big Couch fork  
\- Cloudant  
\- Big Couch merge announcement  
\- Davisphack (rnewson on the couch)  
\- Windsor merge  
\- New build system  
\- Cluster setup  
\- Tests! Tests! Tests!  
\- RC1  
**The CouchDB 2.0 Architecture**: (need volunteer)  
\- Dynamo  
\- BigCouch  
\- Cluster/Shards/Consistency  
**Release Candidates**: (need volunteer)  
\- Please test:  
 \- Install  
  \- 1 node  
  \- 3 node  
  \- n node  
 \- App Devs &amp; Library devs:  
\- Run your software against each  
\- Fix any issues on your side  
\- Report any issues to us  
**Migration Guide**: (need volunteer)  
\- 99% is the same  
\- update_seq is opaque string now  
\- Changes feed can include duplicates  
\- JS apps using /_utils/*.js: copy 1.6 files and put into your apps  
\- /_config is not available on the cluster, but there is /_node/&lt;fqdn&gt;/
_config/ for your setup needs, make sure you do it on all nodes  
\- Test suites:  
\- If you are creating and deleting databases in quick succession, start using
unique db names (and add cleanup)  
New features posts  
\- **Feature: compactor** (need volunteer)  
\- faster  
\- lower i/o  
\- more compact files  
\- faster post compaction files  
\- **Feature: replicator** (need volunteer)  
\- TBD  
\- **Feature: fauxton** (need volunteer)  
\- Complete rewrite  
\- First Backbone  
\- Now React  
\- Extendable  
\- **Feature: Mango query** (need volunteer)  
\- Import from Cloudant Query  
\- MongoDB-inspired query language  
\- Create indexes  
\- Query patterns  
\- **Miscellaneous improvements and bugfixes** (need volunteer)  
\- /_db_updates gets persisted, supports ?since like changes  
\- Preview: view based changes  
\- Uses rebar under the hood for building, ditched autotools \o/  
Also, if you have an idea of someone who would be a good candidate to write
one of these blog posts, let me know so I can reach out to them.  
Please help us get the community excited for the changes coming to CouchDB. :D
:D :D  

Jenn Turner

The Neighbourhoodie Software GmbH  
Adalbertstr. 7-8, 10999 Berlin  
"" )  

Handelsregister HRB 157851 B Amtsgericht Charlottenburg  
Geschäftsführung: Jan Lehnardt

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