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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject CouchDB PPA updates for Ubuntu Wily & Xenial
Date Wed, 10 Feb 2016 23:00:35 GMT

This is hopefully NEWS-worthy:

I've uploaded the Ubuntu PPA builds for 1.6.1 in the dev PPA, to support
Wily & Xenial (still in alpha but not for long). The main changes are
around correctly implementing systemd-related changes, in particular
couch.uri now lives in /run/ instead of the old-school /var/run/, and we
now have a systemd "unit" controlling CouchDB.

The PPA:
The source:

If there's any changes or additions people need, please let me know,
otherwise I'll roll this into the stable PPA in about a week.


I've done my best to use the new package naming schemes from Ubuntu, but
if those don't look right to you help me out and explain what to use
instead! The intention is that if upstream Debian delivers a CouchDB
1.6.1 package, it should supersede this PPA build unless you pinned it,
and that the base name of the package reflects packaging changes, as
well as rebuilds for each supported Ubuntu release.

Also, some fun:

Enjoy your Artisanal Couch.

  Dave Cottlehuber
  Sent from my Couch

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