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From Andy Wenk <>
Subject Re: Trolling of Couchappers
Date Tue, 22 Sep 2015 07:21:15 GMT
Hi ermouth,

I have the feeling that you don't understand this community.

* nobody is "killing" here! Not people, not ideas, not code. Stop this
wording please.
* nobody said we (the community) "will" delete anything regarding the
functionality of Couchapps in CouchDB. We were speaking about it and spoke
about the "idea" to remove stuff based on already discussed reasons
* the mailinglist is the place to discuss anything
regarding code, features and functionality. The direction of CouchDB is
discussed on this mailinglist. Nothing will happen without consensus

So still - I absolutely see no reason to entitle anybody here as a troll.
Because nobody is trolling at all. Please keep this in mind when you start
threads like this again.

I am happy about your plans to dive deeper into Erlang and am very happy to
welcome you on the dev@ mailinglist. Looking forward for your ideas and



On 21 September 2015 at 17:42, ermouth <> wrote:

> > ermouth - I am waiting for a clarifying response.
> Well, ok. As for local rules I can ask anyone to stop something, that
> looks not very pleasant for me personally. I use to say, that PMCs overall
> behavior on couchapps topic is not very pleasant, and not only for me.
> What I see, is that every time couchapp theme is raised, it finshes with
> ‘we will kill couchapps, unless someone dares to support it’. It‘s all
> understandable, have reasons, and surely is not trolling.
> So what is trolling?
> Trolling is when you declared you intentions – to remove couchapps and
> releated functions – and them start to speculate on topic, hurting people.
> I do not want to crawl posts to find out all version of killing, but
> again, overall picture is:
> * We will remove some yet unknown couchapp functions
> * We will remove all of them (nobody know here what you mean, really)
> * We maybe remove even views
> * We‘ll maybe remove them at 2.0
> * ... or at 2.1
> * ... or at 3.0.
> For me it‘s like you‘ve caught couchappers here and telling them you gonna
> destroy things they (and I, partially) believe in. May be you gonna cut off
> leg. Or arm. Today. Or tomorrow. And couchappers are unable to do anything
> with it.
> Hurting people who can‘t do nothig with it, and doing it every single day,
> for about a week – is trolling. *Special* efforts to hurt – and all these
> unpleasant ‘watch me’ were surely intentional pathos – are clear trolling,
> by definition.
> Thats why I ask you – please, stop it. Couchappers don‘t deserve this kind
> of attitude.
> Best regards,
> ermouth

Andy Wenk
Hamburg - Germany

GPG fingerprint: C044 8322 9E12 1483 4FEC 9452 B65D 6BE3 9ED3 9588

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