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From Johs Ensby <>
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2015 19:47:05 GMT
Fair and square challenge, Jan
I also appreciate the emotional energy and don't want to be in the crossfire, but let it keep
its stated direction: "kickass database for the future"


Since this still is the VOTE thread..

Slogan #3: "kickass database for the future"

> On 16. sep. 2015, at 21.06, Jan Lehnardt <> wrote:
> For the CouchApp lovers in this thread:
> The code that powers CouchApps in CouchDB hasn’t been touched for half a decade. It
has no maintainers, it is buggy, lacks features, and nobody who is active on the project has
any interest in getting involved.
> We are here to discuss the future of CouchDB and it is evident that CouchApp-like / Webserver/Appserver/Database-hybrid
features are not it, regardless of how excited or invested you are.
> If you REALLY REALLY care about this particular feature set, you will have to step and
MAKE IT WORK in CouchDB. That means getting into the dirty C, Erlang and JS parts of CouchDB
and making this ready for the future. If you say, well, it isn’t so much work as I say,
great! Get cracking.
> If you can’t get together and push this forward, the project will go with a direction
that its direct contributors are happy to work on, to maintain, fix and improve. And then
any discussion about how to maybe phrase CouchDB’s marketing message in a way that CouchApps
are still hot are totally NOT where this is going.
> You won’t be willing the project into submission for you pet features by teaming up
on these discussions as a very vocal (dare I say attention vampire) minority, while the rest
of us are quietly trying to ship a kick as database for the future.
> This is open source, we all get a say in where we want to see things going, but at the
end of the day, you will have to put in the elbow grease to make things happen like you want
them. We are liberal with giving out committership, there are literally no barriers to entry,
except for a half-decade old pile of technical debt that nobody else dares to touch.
> *drops mic*
> *picks up mic again*
> PS: before you consider turning this into an ad-hominem attack, or some insinuation that
I am abusing my PMC Chair position to push through my personal agenda or vendetta against
you and your loved ones, or any of this sort of crap (that has come up before), keep it to
yourself, thanks.
>> On 16 Sep 2015, at 14:42, ermouth <> wrote:
>>> what went wrong?
>>> how and where do we collect ideas about a slogan?
>> ML is unsuitable – low engagement, no navigation, zillions of cluttering
>>>>>> in replies, inability to participate if you subscribed after topic
>> issued and so on. Only flaming enthuziasts can use this tool, all others
>> just pass by. Apache better understand it, enforcing usage of this tool.
>> And even for enthuziasts it‘s hard to track topics, splitted into several
>> threads. You can only do it only in inbox – all web UI are even more ugly.
>>> Imo this should be a form where
>> Form seems too much for slogan. Twitter is enough good, restricts length
>> and provides perfect engagement. If you ask on twi (and do it at least
>> three times taking in account timezones), I think you could receive a lot
>> of good new slogans.
>> Since slogans all are short, it wouldn‘t be hard to create short list –
>> about 10-15-20 positions I think.
>> For final poll there exist a lot of online instruments. Also voting should
>> hide poll results for person until he or she votes – it titillates person‘s
>> curiosity and motivates to make a click. Option ‘I do not want to vote,
>> want to see results’ is also good to ensure you‘ll have no random clicks
>> just to uncover current results.
>>> what did we discuss if most of the proposals are voted with -1
>> It only means that both options proposed for voting are weak.
>> BR
>> ermouth
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