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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Date Tue, 15 Sep 2015 19:51:55 GMT
Hi all,

as promised, here’s the vote for our new Slogan, Mission Statement, and Description.

We have two contestants.

Before I show them to you, here are the rules:

1. These aren’t final-copy-edit versions, but rough drafts that convey ideas. After voting,
we’ll go through them with a fine-toothed comb to get things all shiny.

2. The proposals don’t mean to capture a laundry list of your favourite features of CouchDB.
They are supposed to express the focal point that our community gathers around, the thing
that we all have in common, what excites us all about CouchDB. Vote accordingly.

3. This emails contains two proposals. Vote by replying to this email with your vote just
under each proposal where it says “Your Vote Here”.

4. Vote with +1 (I support this), +/-0 (I’m indifferent, but no harm done either way), -1
(I don’t like this, for reasons A, B and C, (and please do include your reasons)).

5. You are welcome to qualify your vote with your take on either proposal.

A note: Johs, I took some inspiration from your WHAT-part, I hope you don’t mind ;) —
 I think we are essentially voting on WHY and HOW anyway, as the WHAT is roughly the same

Without further ado, here are our proposals.

* * *

Proposal #1:

Slogan: Data where you need it. (WHY)

Mission Statement: Apache CouchDB lets you access your data where you need it by defining
the Couch Replication Protocol that is implemented by a variety of projects and products that
span every imaginable computing environment from distributed server-clusters, over mobile
phones to web browsers. (HOW)

Description: Store your data safely, on your own servers, or with any leading cloud provider.
Your web- and native applications love CouchDB, because it speaks JSON natively and supports
binary attachments for all your data storage needs. The Couch Replication Protocol lets your
data flow seamlessly between server clusters to mobile phones and web browsers, enabling a
compelling, offline-first, user-experience while maintaining high performance and strong reliability.
CouchDB comes with a developer-friendly query language, and optionally MapReduce for simple,
efficient, and comprehensive data retrieval. (WHAT)

Your Vote Here

* * *

Proposal #2:

Slogan: Restful freedom (WHY)

Mission Statement: Data that sync (HOW)

Store your data safely, on your own servers or with any leading cloud provider. Your web applications
can follow the data if you want since CouchDB speaks JSON with any file type attached. It
lets you run your JavaScript on the server or in the browser. You can start with the smallest
of technology stacks and grow to serve millions of users -- following a learning curve that
doesn't break. Keep your data in sync and where your users need it to be, on the device of
their preference, online or offline. Share, combine, present, receive and update documents
via master-to-master replication and let web based services monitor changes for additional
processing. (WHAT)

Your Vote Here

* * *


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