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From Miles Fidelman <>
Subject Re: CouchDB Song
Date Sun, 20 Sep 2015 00:49:25 GMT
I'm going to echo what Harald says.  To me, one of Couch's great 
benefits is that it can serve apps.  The specific CouchApp tooling, I'm 
not so interested in - but basic support functions, in the database 
engine - that's pretty important.

One thing that's really not clear, or well documented, are precisely 
which Couch API functions are specifically related to CouchApps (if 
any).  Which functions in Couch are there specifically to support 
serving apps?  What functions are folks talking about removing?  What 
exactly are we talking about here.

Miles Fidelman

Harald Kisch wrote:
> Hi Andy,
> thank you for asking. The intention of my last email to the marketing
> mailing list is simply the definition of CouchDB itself. I think since the
> time, the video was published, CouchDB got a lot of attention. And from
> this attention CouchDB simply profits until today. In my opinion, it was
> all about Couchapps and it is all about Couchapps. I want the community to
> remember J. Chris Anderson. He was the mayor Couchapps contributor. And I
> also know about discussions between Jan and JChris about Mustache
> Templates, Eventlies which are claimed that nobody understands how they
> work and so on. But I also want to remember Mikael Rogers who build Futon
> which replacement is called Fauxton. Where are these guys? Why did they
> leave CouchDB?
> It does'nt matter if someone thinks CouchDB and Couchapps are not one
> thing. There are many business cases realized with couchapps. And they
> won't be realized if there were many bugs or lack of functionality. It
> simply works, yes it works for nearly a decade and nobody complains about
> that.
> So there is a need for that because it is used by many users. If it will be
> removed we will loose these users. Do we want to loose users?
> For me it is very simple, if Couchapps will be removed in any version, I
> will not use this version. I would go further with CouchDB 1.6.1, because
> it works. I do not care about something that could be 10000% better in
> future because I don't need it to be 10000% better right now. I currently
> need it as it is right now! By the way, is Fauxton 10000% better than Futon?
> For me Couchapps is a set of functionality, which really differs from other
> databases. It is a unique feature many database vendors want to have and
> CouchDB has it. For me it is very bad not to pronounce Couchapps to more
> users althought it is not maintained right now. Sometimes I think there are
> people in or outside the community who do not like Couchapps to survive.
> Sometimes it seems to me that there are database vendors included in that
> kind of destructive process.
> At the moment I think I alone do not have the time, power and money to
> fight against such destructive forces. I also still did not hear a strong
> fact which is really a reason to remove Couchapps. So why do these forces
> want to destroy something which is in use and loved by many people? People
> who love that way to use CouchDB so much that they have decided to use it
> for their daily business? Can that be, that there is a strong fact, which
> is the reason to destroy the business of CouchDB users? If this is the
> case, I do not want to work with them. So I am asking myself again: why
> have JChris (Couchapps), Mikael Rogers (Futon) or Damien Katz (CouchDB
> itself) been splitted apart from their real loved babies? If one of them or
> Damien would come back to the community I think we would be powerful enough
> to define Couchapps as a groupware feature, which can show the strange
> business world how that gets done what they ever wanted before ("Everybody
> talks about it - but nobody gets it done" - Damien Katz), with a simple
> database architecture, a JavaScript Webserver and replication on top in the
> core of CouchDB which is claimed as productive since version 0.11 and still
> works today until now without a big issue/improvement.
> -- Harald
> On Sat, Sep 19, 2015 at 12:16 AM, Andy Wenk <> wrote:
>> Harald,
>> what is the message and intention of your E-Mail to this list?
>> Thanks for a hint.
>> Cheers
>> Andy
>> On 18 September 2015 at 10:07, Johs Ensby <> wrote:
>>> Had forgotten this!
>>> Absolutely lovely :D
>>> johs
>>>> On 18. sep. 2015, at 09.03, Harald Kisch <>
>> wrote:
>>>> Respectfully, there have been very cool people on the project:
>>>> <>
>>>> Thanky you Giovanni for remembering.
>>>> -- harald
>> --
>> Andy Wenk
>> Hamburg - Germany
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