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From Robert Samuel Newson <>
Subject Re: Trolling of Couchappers
Date Mon, 21 Sep 2015 14:23:02 GMT

I remind everybody that we have a code of conduct;

The tone of the couchapp discussion has been at odds with our CoC in my opinion and
this accusation of trolling is one of them. Clearly a disagreement is not trolling, no matter
how firmly held the opinions are on both side. Neither side is claiming to be for or against
couchapps simply to annoy other people.

Let’s please return to the couchapp discussion thread and leave this notion of trolling
behind us.

Robert Newson

> On 21 Sep 2015, at 14:38, ermouth <> wrote:
> Dear PMCs, I heartly ask you: stop trolling couchappers.
> It became even more annoying, then Jan‘s direct assaults.
> If you want to kill the feature – well, say when and in which amount. If
> you can‘t – just say nothing.
> All these speeches, that you‘re making kickass cluster are good. But when
> you start to say that you:
> * remove couchapp (which?) functions
> * possibly keep part of functions
> * remove them soon
> * remove them later
> * don‘t remove them if someone start to support em.
> ... it‘s just trolling. There is long german word, that means ‘major
> version upgrade phobia’ – well, you, dear PMCs, made all your best to
> induce this phobia to couchappers. Because you troll them. Directly.
> Changing each other daily, like you‘re on duty.
> All this crap like ‘watch me’ is just direct and sometimes assaultive
> trolling. And I see it every freaking day here.
> Please, just stop.
> Dear PMCs, there is some obvious strategic consequences, that are clearly
> seen. Removing all these features when you roll out completely new version
> will lead you to:
> * nearly zero-size cluster fans community – nobody knows about CouchDB
> cluster yet, but all know there is Couchbase that is 100x faster;
> * zero size couchapp community here;
> * enormous amount of harsh, cynical and very personal public critics, where
> newborn cluster will be on special focus.
> So think carefully, and then say what you removing and when – or say
> nothing.
> And anyway: please, stop trolling.
> ermouth

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