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From Johs Ensby <>
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2015 13:02:37 GMT
+1 on using Twitter for this
I can volunteer to make a proposal for the staging and follow-up by PMC -- that needs to be
in place for this not to go wrong also
for AFS compliance, reports could be made on the mailing list.


> On 16. sep. 2015, at 14.42, ermouth <> wrote:
>> what went wrong?
>> how and where do we collect ideas about a slogan?
> ML is unsuitable – low engagement, no navigation, zillions of cluttering
>>>>> in replies, inability to participate if you subscribed after topic was
> issued and so on. Only flaming enthuziasts can use this tool, all others
> just pass by. Apache better understand it, enforcing usage of this tool.
> And even for enthuziasts it‘s hard to track topics, splitted into several
> threads. You can only do it only in inbox – all web UI are even more ugly.
>> Imo this should be a form where
> Form seems too much for slogan. Twitter is enough good, restricts length
> and provides perfect engagement. If you ask on twi (and do it at least
> three times taking in account timezones), I think you could receive a lot
> of good new slogans.
> Since slogans all are short, it wouldn‘t be hard to create short list –
> about 10-15-20 positions I think.
> For final poll there exist a lot of online instruments. Also voting should
> hide poll results for person until he or she votes – it titillates person‘s
> curiosity and motivates to make a click. Option ‘I do not want to vote,
> want to see results’ is also good to ensure you‘ll have no random clicks
> just to uncover current results.
>> what did we discuss if most of the proposals are voted with -1
> It only means that both options proposed for voting are weak.
> BR
> ermouth

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