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From Giovanni Lenzi <>
Subject CouchDB Articles, Pills and Tutorials Ideas
Date Mon, 04 May 2015 16:10:06 GMT
Here are some ideas to push CouchDB... Sorry for having cross posted this
on the advocate hub too.. but probably this mailing list is more


I think CouchDB is great, but it definitely needs us to explain why it is.

What about starting with a list of ideas/titles of possible articles
and tutorials, in order to let contributors/advocates/externals choose and
write the one they prefer and have something schedulable for the weekly

I think it would be very important to create a lot of small, topic-focused
content around CouchDB, to have something schedulable in advance, for
future newsletters and engage users, week after week.

Content could be split in categories, always shown within the weekly
newsletter. Here some examples:

- ARTICLES: these have variable length

    - How to backup your CouchDB based website in 30 seconds

    - How to use CouchDB as your website versioning tool

    - Using CouchDB to identify XSS attacks on your website

    - Why using a web, app and db server when you can just use CouchDB?

    - AngularJS-CouchDB

    - React-CouchDB

    - For each other framework/library we could eventually create an
article, in order to attract developers using that specific framework

    - Differences between MEAN, LAMP, ... and CouchDB

    - more ideas? I think creative ways of using CouchDB are great to
increase interest!!

- COUCHAPPS: couchapps probably need a specific category given the size of
the subject

     - Pushing your static website to CouchDB

     - Rendering dynamic webpages from your database

     - Full user management within a single couchapp: authentication,
registration, activation, lost-password (at smileupps we already working on

     - For any couchapp on github or Smileupps, we could eventually create
an article to explain how it has taken advantage of CouchDB features

     - more ideas?

- PILLS: these could be really short articles focused on a single couchdb
feature. Here we should fix a maximum length.

     - Replication

     - Views

     - CouchDB log file format

     - Couchapps

     - Changes handler

     - List

     - Show

     - Update functions

     - Rewriting handler

    - more?

This list could be arranged within the CouchDB wiki directly, so everyone
can contribute. Each entry should include:

- topic idea/title

- contributor: who wants to take this in charge. empty initially

- ready date: contributor has to estimate when the content will be ready

- publish date: given the "ready date", katharina can then set a date for
publishing on newsletter/social networks, to prevent having too much
content on a week and nothing for the next week

All articles should focus on how easy is CouchDB for that specific purpose,
compared to alternatives, to explicitly tell developers how they can
benefit from it

Furthermore, I may be a little bit biased saying this, but I
think Couchapps are really a game-changing feature and they can
effectively have a big impact in pushing CouchDB. While there are many
other NoSQL databases, there is nothing with such a similar feature... yet!
Don't you think CouchDB can have great benefits out of it?

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