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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject On Marketing and Development working together! :)
Date Sat, 09 May 2015 18:36:56 GMT
I wanted to clarify my reply to Johs for this mailing list, as regards
the role of this mailing list. For this post, I have my Apache CouchDB
PMC hat on.

At the moment, few if any active developers for CouchDB are also on this
list. (I think Jan, Robert K. and myself are the only ones.) That means
that the current discussion about CouchApps is somewhat of an echo
chamber. We could, as a group, come up with the most amazing plan of
what *we* think would be the best things to implement next, but without
working *WITH* the development organization to help prioritize them
in light of ongoing work, the effort is wasted.

I will not let marketing@ become an echo chamber ungrounded in the
realities of open source software development.

Further, I don't want to see us building some sort of adversarial
relationship between CouchDB marketers and CouchDB developers. Despite
allegations to the contrary, there is *no* secret cabal trying to kill
CouchApps. Jan's original proposal was *NEVER* about removing the
functionality for shows, lists, or direct HTTP access to attached .html,
.css, .js or other resources. It was about the fact that, within the
world of people using CouchDB for serious tasks, those functions are
secondary, even tertiary to CouchDB's data store, replication, and
REST/JSON interface. We should be working to tighten that message up
into a single sentence that isn't full of jargon, something that attracts
people to the database. Again, no dev is going to kill off CouchApps as
a feature.

Finally: the official description of this mailing list is:

"Marketing List   Subscribe · Post · Unsubscribe
A place to co-ordinate on CouchDB marketing activities"

Please keep that in mind. It is not a place to coordinate future
functionality or to drive the development group in a specific direction.
I agree that any development organization that ignores their user base,
both potential and current, is in peril. It is within the mission of
this group to help find out what users of CouchDB need, as well as to
get the message out as to what CouchDB is capable of doing. But the
primary function is to help get the word out about what we do, not what
we might do.

Thanks for your time.

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