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From "Sally Khudairi" <>
Subject Re: CouchDB users interview
Date Sat, 18 Apr 2015 03:19:29 GMT
Thanks, Robert.

I'm still planning to approach this from the PR/Marketing standpoint, so my intention was
to connect with the appropriate contact/gatekeeper with a "referral"/"reminder" as to whom
from the organization was part of the project (e.g. a Committer, on the dev@ list, etc) or
is using the product (if known).

As such, if there are any internal contacts who are amenable to me telling their PR team something
along the lines of "we've been working with [NAME] on Apache CouchDB and would love to have
a testimonial about your experience", the request tends to go more smoothly, as they'll have
someone specific to connect with. Often, PR folk tend to say "no" unless there's a personal
link somewhere.

I hope this makes sense :-)


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From: "Robert Kowalski" <>
To: <>, "Sally Khudairi" <>
Subject: CouchDB users interview
Date: Fri, Apr 17, 2015 23:07

I think I have, can you give me a short reminder what the process would be be like? What steps
do I have to take and which steps are you taking and what is the result?

On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 3:21 AM, Sally Khudairi <> wrote:
Hi everyone --a quick follow-up on this.

Do we have any low-hanging fruit? Otherwise I'll just plow through the PR contacts and will
let you know who is amenable to working with us.

Thanks so much,Sally 

      From: Sally Khudairi <>

 To: "" <>

Cc: TheApacheFoundation <>; "" <>

 Sent: Saturday, 28 March 2015, 13:08

 Subject: Re: Fwd: CouchDB users interview

Thanks, Andy.

This is a great idea --I've been discussing a similar approach with the ASF Fundraising team.
Nice to see we're in synch on this.

Yes, I'll be happy to reach out to help obtain interviews and testimonials. Is this your primary
list or do you have some low-hanging fruit that are "friends of CouchDB" and ready to chat

I'm traveling over the next couple of weeks and might have some connectivity issues during
this time, and would prefer to start with our friendlies first.

One thing that is helpful is if we have a technical contact within these groups whom we can
leverage where possible. So if you can pass on our contact's name(s), coordinates (so I can
copy them on any emails), and role in the project (if any on a formal basis), that would be

And, of course, we presumably have inside contacts with Cordova, for example. Do let me know
which organizations you'd like me to help with :-)

Cheers & chat soon,Sally 

     From: Andy Wenk <>

 To: Sally Khudairi <>

Cc: TheApacheFoundation <>; "" <>

 Sent: Saturday, 28 March 2015, 10:36

 Subject: Fwd: CouchDB users interview

Dear Sally,

Alex, a fellow PMC member and others at the marketing list of the CouchDB project had the
great idea to start a interview series with big players in the tech industry who are using
CouchDB. We are now looking for people at these companies we can contact. The list is as follows:


Erlang SolutionsApache Cordova


Please find more details below how these companies / projects use CouchDB.

Can you help us with some contacts? Or do you have any advice how to find out, who are the
people we should contact at these companies?

Thank you so much for any help ;-)

Warm regards


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From: Alexander Shorin <>

Date: 27 March 2015 at 12:44

Subject: Re: CouchDB users interview

To: "" <>, Andreas Wenk <>

On Fri, Mar 27, 2015 at 1:52 PM, Andy Wenk <> wrote:

> Can someone send a list of companies we would like to contact?

From my point of view:

- Apple: they have CouchDB included in XCode server

- BBC:


- NodeJS/NPM: they had a couple of posts about their experience with

CouchDB and troubles they had, but it would be good to ask them some

more questions about

- Drupal community: they don't technically uses CouchDB, but the

replication protocol

- Soundcloud: iirc they uses CouchDB as well or also just replication protocol

- Erlang Solutions:

- Apache Cordova: their plugins registry

http:// is driven by CouchDB

- Microsoft: Yaron Goland seems very active on replication@ ML and may

know something

- Cloudant/IBM, PouchDB and Hoodie/Neighborhoodie: I think, there is

no need to explain why (:

These are big fishes, but any success with them could attract the

others. Most urls on CouchDB in the Wild page are not giving much

hope, but you can walk among them and pick few links which you likes.

In additional, may be some call on Twitter / ML / Socialmedia may be helpful.




Andy Wenk

Hamburg - Germany


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