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From Alexander Shorin <>
Subject Re: [NEWS] Your links for the CouchDB Weekly News
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2015 17:59:39 GMT
Sorry, eary sent. Try again:

Plus Massimiliano Fanciulli wrote nice post about installing CouchDB
on Raspberry Pi
-- same on reddit

And if you want to install CouchDB 2.0 on Raspberry PI this project
may help you:

But if you're Enterprise man, this content management system could
help you deal with the stuff:

And here is good post about MVCC and Garbage collection in append-only
/ immutable databases:

Not about CouchDB, but Erlang and how high level languages are
depended from low level system architecture:

CouchDB 2.0 news: we're fixing regressions with help of PouchDB team
and William Holley, and not so far from today Ilya Khlopotov
implemented so long awaiting features like list all design and local
documents with a single endpoint - no need to play around
/db/_all_docs resource anymore. Details are currently on COUCHDB-1145,
docs are coming.


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