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From ASF IRC Bot <>
Subject Summary of IRC Meeting in #couchdb-meeting
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2015 21:20:32 GMT
Summary of IRC Meeting in #couchdb-meeting at Wed Feb 18 20:00:57 2015:

Attendees: Wohali, micah, jennmoneydollars, Kxepal, jan____, Humbedooh, robertkowalski, varac,

- Preface
- couchdbday
  - Action: awenkhh to crete flickr account to share event photos
- packaging CouchDB 2.0
  - Info: first PR for creating a CouchDB 2.0 tarball up, feedback welcome (especially for
different platforms):
- remaining CouchDB 2.0 tasks
  - Action: robertkowalski will add the missing tasks to Jira as blockers for easier tracking
  - Action: Kxepal to add more blockers for 2.0 to Jira
  - Info: We collected things that are missing for a 2.0 release, document is here:
- "website group" and website move to git
  - Action: robertkowalski to ask infra for website group mailing list
- nano contribution to the asf
  - Action: robertkowalski to ask garren for a pre-review of the nano code
  - Info: jan____ will volunteer on the cla signing part for nano
  - Info: robertkowalski joins jan volunteering for nano cla signing
- other business

IRC log follows:

## Preface ##
## couchdbday ##
[Wed Feb 18 20:01:46 2015] <robertkowalski>: just briefly, the couchdb day event was
quite nice
[Wed Feb 18 20:02:16 2015] <robertkowalski>: we discussed a lot of topics and i think
many of them will be separate topics today
[Wed Feb 18 20:02:25 2015] <robertkowalski>: we had around 80 attendees
[Wed Feb 18 20:03:08 2015] <jan____>: CouchDB Day was amazing, a round of applause for
robertkowalski and awenkhh *clap clap clap*
[Wed Feb 18 20:03:17 2015] <Kxepal>: robertkowalski: when photos, slides and videos
will be available?(:
[Wed Feb 18 20:03:27 2015] <awenkhh>: Kxepal soon :D
[Wed Feb 18 20:03:47 2015] <awenkhh>: the just received the final cut of a mood film
[Wed Feb 18 20:04:03 2015] <awenkhh>: photos will be placed at flickr probably
[Wed Feb 18 20:04:04 2015] <Kxepal>: awenkhh: great! cannot wait for them (:
[Wed Feb 18 20:04:26 2015] <awenkhh>: and the talks will be put to a yet to be created
couchdb youtube channel
[Wed Feb 18 20:04:36 2015] <awenkhh>: what brings me to the question what we have to
do for that 
[Wed Feb 18 20:04:39 2015] <awenkhh>: anyone?
[Wed Feb 18 20:04:52 2015] <robertkowalski>: i checked
[Wed Feb 18 20:05:02 2015] <robertkowalski>: for youtube you need a google (plus) account
[Wed Feb 18 20:05:11 2015] <awenkhh>: we have that 
[Wed Feb 18 20:05:12 2015] <robertkowalski>: we could use our existing account
[Wed Feb 18 20:05:25 2015] <awenkhh>: I mean CouchDB - yes why not use it 
[Wed Feb 18 20:06:03 2015] <robertkowalski>: if not we have to create a separate one,
but having one account makes things easier
[Wed Feb 18 20:06:16 2015] <awenkhh>: no need imho 
[Wed Feb 18 20:06:27 2015] <awenkhh>: let's use the existing one. 
[Wed Feb 18 20:06:38 2015] <jan____>: +1
[Wed Feb 18 20:06:58 2015] <awenkhh>: do we need to write that to marketing@ for general
[Wed Feb 18 20:08:49 2015] <robertkowalski>: i can take care of that
[Wed Feb 18 20:09:58 2015] <awenkhh>: cool ;-) 
[Wed Feb 18 20:10:16 2015] <awenkhh>: if ACK received I will take care to upload the
[Wed Feb 18 20:10:48 2015] <jan____>: no need to action this, just do it :)
[Wed Feb 18 20:10:59 2015] <awenkhh>: the next question is with flickr - is it ok to
create a couchdb account?
[Wed Feb 18 20:11:06 2015] <jan____>: you are committers, no need to ask permission
[Wed Feb 18 20:11:33 2015] <jan____>: yeah, totally fine, just share the credentials
with the PMC
[Wed Feb 18 20:11:38 2015] <Kxepal>: +1
[Wed Feb 18 20:11:48 2015] <awenkhh>: ok will do 
[Wed Feb 18 20:12:37 2015] <awenkhh>: well I would like to thank again jan____ for the
awesome keynote!!!! and to robertkowalski for doing that with me - and it was HIS idea for
the record :D
[Wed Feb 18 20:13:07 2015] <robertkowalski>: *blush*
[Wed Feb 18 20:13:12 2015] <jan____>: #action awenkhh to crete flickr account to share
event photos
[Wed Feb 18 20:13:16 2015] <jan____>: *create, damn
[Wed Feb 18 20:13:22 2015] <awenkhh>: ha ha :D
[Wed Feb 18 20:13:33 2015] <robertkowalski>: awenkhh: just my idea, but you did most
fo the work :D
[Wed Feb 18 20:13:45 2015] <awenkhh>: robertkowalski stop it now :D!
[Wed Feb 18 20:14:19 2015] <robertkowalski>: 30 seks before I continue to the next topic
## packaging CouchDB 2.0 ##
[Wed Feb 18 20:15:55 2015] <micah>: ACTION waves
[Wed Feb 18 20:16:29 2015] <varac>: is there some progress in providing a source tarball
[Wed Feb 18 20:16:48 2015] <varac>: that we can use to try to build a deb package ?
[Wed Feb 18 20:17:34 2015] <jan____>: I have a first stab at a tarball generator:
[Wed Feb 18 20:17:40 2015] <jan____>: it needs some mroe review
[Wed Feb 18 20:18:53 2015] <jan____>: but does the trick for me™ on Mac OS X, so I
assume platform issues, but those should be easy to fix. I’m standing by for reports
[Wed Feb 18 20:19:22 2015] <varac>: jan: great
[Wed Feb 18 20:19:39 2015] <micah>: jan____: great! I can try to use that. I had some
discussions with rebar people about how to avoid the git situation and I did something different,
but much uglier, so I'd rather try yours
[Wed Feb 18 20:20:17 2015] <robertkowalski>: #info first PR for creating a CouchDB 2.0
tarball up, feedback welcome (especially for different platforms):
[Wed Feb 18 20:21:29 2015] <varac>: robertkowalski: i think we're fine trying this,
for now
[Wed Feb 18 20:22:08 2015] <jan____>: micah: yes please! I randomly walked into this
by way of Kxepal, my original solution was a lot messier
[Wed Feb 18 20:22:19 2015] <varac>: anything else towards the package that couchdb would
build can be discussed on future meetings
[Wed Feb 18 20:22:50 2015] <Humbedooh>: ASFBot: meeting redact robertkowalski will write
an email to the marketing
## remaining CouchDB 2.0 tasks ##
[Wed Feb 18 20:23:59 2015] <robertkowalski>: #info We collected things that are missing
for a 2.0 release, document is here:
[Wed Feb 18 20:24:47 2015] <robertkowalski>: I think jan____ already started with the
tasks he owns
[Wed Feb 18 20:25:34 2015] <Kxepal>: robertkowalski: how do you feel to put this on
jira as blockers for 2.0 to let everyone easily track the missing bits status?
[Wed Feb 18 20:26:03 2015] <robertkowalski>: for the Fauxton tickets, I already showed
them to the team, I hope we'll start on them soon
[Wed Feb 18 20:26:19 2015] <robertkowalski>: Kxepal: yes, I wanted to but I somehow
forgot. will do!
[Wed Feb 18 20:26:43 2015] <robertkowalski>: #action robertkowalski will add the missing
tasks to Jira as blockers for easier tracking
[Wed Feb 18 20:28:10 2015] <robertkowalski>: jan____: for the wizard-topic on the list,
should we both start that after the tarball task is finished?
[Wed Feb 18 20:28:10 2015] <Kxepal>: but this for sure not all the blockers
[Wed Feb 18 20:28:31 2015] <jan____>: robertkowalski: sounds like a plan
[Wed Feb 18 20:28:59 2015] <robertkowalski>: Kxepal: do you have any specific in mind?
[Wed Feb 18 20:29:22 2015] <Kxepal>: robertkowalski: at very short hand configuring
[Wed Feb 18 20:29:49 2015] <Kxepal>: for now lagger lives with his own life. this code
remains in rcouch merge branch
[Wed Feb 18 20:30:28 2015] <robertkowalski>: can you volunteer to create a blocker ticket
in Jira Kxepal?
[Wed Feb 18 20:31:04 2015] <Kxepal>: sure, there is need to put all the blocker things
to Jira to see what's left
[Wed Feb 18 20:31:21 2015] <Kxepal>: but I could only tell the story from my point of
view (:
[Wed Feb 18 20:32:45 2015] <robertkowalski>: Kxepal: seems we were not aware of that
on the Sunday in Hamburg, it would be cool if you can complete our list
[Wed Feb 18 20:33:09 2015] <Kxepal>: robertkowalski: ok, will do that
[Wed Feb 18 20:33:37 2015] <Kxepal>: #action Kxepal to add more blockers for 2.0 to
[Wed Feb 18 20:34:34 2015] <robertkowalski>: ok anything left for the remaining tasks?
I would continue in 30seks if not
## "website group" and website move to git ##
[Wed Feb 18 20:35:53 2015] <Wohali>: do it
[Wed Feb 18 20:35:55 2015] <robertkowalski>: i am friends with a lot of people in the
node.js project and io.js project, and i think we can learn a lot from them
[Wed Feb 18 20:35:57 2015] <Wohali>: any opposed?
[Wed Feb 18 20:36:17 2015] <Wohali>: i think no one wants svn
[Wed Feb 18 20:36:24 2015] <Wohali>: and the website needs much help
[Wed Feb 18 20:36:33 2015] <robertkowalski>: they have a "website-group" and i mentioned
that to nslater on twitter ( and
there seems to be interest :)
[Wed Feb 18 20:36:40 2015] <Wohali>: skills are not necc. same as mktng
[Wed Feb 18 20:37:31 2015] <robertkowalski>: and a few days later Humbedooh demoed a
git prototype of the website. jan____ already wrote to the list
[Wed Feb 18 20:37:35 2015] <robertkowalski>: Wohali: yes agree
[Wed Feb 18 20:37:40 2015] <jan____>: seems like an obvious step to me, let’s do it
[Wed Feb 18 20:37:45 2015] <robertkowalski>: (sorry wanted to provide the background
for my question)
[Wed Feb 18 20:37:53 2015] <awenkhh>: +1
[Wed Feb 18 20:37:57 2015] <jennmoneydollars>: i’m interested in involvement in the
[Wed Feb 18 20:38:16 2015] <robertkowalski>: cool!
[Wed Feb 18 20:38:28 2015] <Wohali>: reminder decisions aren't made here but it sounds
like unanimous consent
[Wed Feb 18 20:38:32 2015] <jan____>: jennmoneydollars: great, happy to see this :)
[Wed Feb 18 20:38:45 2015] <awenkhh>: jennmoneydollars +1 ;-)
[Wed Feb 18 20:40:10 2015] <jan____>: robertkowalski: would you like to have a dedicated
mailing list as well? Or anything else? Or will the git repo & GitHub Pull Requests do?
[Wed Feb 18 20:40:50 2015] <robertkowalski>: jennmoneydollars: what do think? is an
own mailing list yay or nay?
[Wed Feb 18 20:41:02 2015] <jennmoneydollars>: i say yay
[Wed Feb 18 20:41:19 2015] <jennmoneydollars>: unless we want to do communication via
[Wed Feb 18 20:41:27 2015] <jennmoneydollars>: which i’m totally chill with
[Wed Feb 18 20:41:39 2015] <jennmoneydollars>: those generate emails anyway
[Wed Feb 18 20:41:50 2015] <robertkowalski>: jennmoneydollars: i think issues are disabled
in the apache github org :(
[Wed Feb 18 20:42:02 2015] <jennmoneydollars>: ah ok cool, then i say yay to email
[Wed Feb 18 20:42:06 2015] <jan____>: yeah, just PRs, sorry
[Wed Feb 18 20:42:47 2015] <jan____>: we already have a marketing mailing list, and
I see *some* overlap when it comes to website content, but I can see website tech to be a
completely separate field, so a separate list might be warranted :)
[Wed Feb 18 20:44:09 2015] <Wohali>: yeah, no apache gh issues for good reasons not
worth hashing out here
[Wed Feb 18 20:45:07 2015] <robertkowalski>: ok i can help in my spare time with setup
and spreading the word once we got a website on git
[Wed Feb 18 20:45:49 2015] <jan____>: definitely!
[Wed Feb 18 20:46:03 2015] <robertkowalski>: jennmoneydollars: let's stay in contact
about that as we don't have the git repo yet, i can ping you when we got i
[Wed Feb 18 20:46:18 2015] <robertkowalski>: jennmoneydollars: we then have to open
a ticket for infra requesting the mailing list
[Wed Feb 18 20:46:20 2015] <jennmoneydollars>: ok yes good
[Wed Feb 18 20:47:53 2015] <jan____>: #action robertkowalski to ask infra for website
group mailing list
[Wed Feb 18 20:48:07 2015] <robertkowalski>: :)
[Wed Feb 18 20:48:11 2015] <jan____>: I vote
[Wed Feb 18 20:48:15 2015] <jan____>: *webmaster
[Wed Feb 18 20:48:18 2015] <robertkowalski>: hahaha
[Wed Feb 18 20:48:45 2015] <jennmoneydollars>: no takebacks jan____ 
[Wed Feb 18 20:49:02 2015] <jan____>: webmater it is!
## nano contribution to the asf ##
[Wed Feb 18 20:51:07 2015] <jan____>: soo, boring legal topic
[Wed Feb 18 20:51:33 2015] <jan____>: tl;dr @dscape wants to donate nano to the asf,
we are happy to take it
[Wed Feb 18 20:51:44 2015] <jan____>: getting things into the ASF requires something
called IP cleareance
[Wed Feb 18 20:51:54 2015] <jan____>: that’s easy if someone like IBM comes along
and want to donate stuff
[Wed Feb 18 20:52:37 2015] <jan____>: nano is a random project on github with 46 contributors,
none of which have signed any legal documents
[Wed Feb 18 20:53:40 2015] <jan____>: now we only need anyone who’s done a “significant
contribution” (basically nothing you couldn’t rewrite in a pinch)…
[Wed Feb 18 20:54:20 2015] <jan____>: …but there are a number of folks in there that
have done significant contributions and they all need to sign off a CLA or Grant for the ASF.
[Wed Feb 18 20:55:43 2015] <jan____>: this is not very hard, but a bit of legwork, so
we’d need one or two volunteers to run through the trenches here: 1. identify significant
contributors 2. ask them to sign a CLA (easiest option afaik) 3. make sure it’s all recorded
4. start IP clearance 5. import 6. done
[Wed Feb 18 20:56:25 2015] <Kxepal>: jan____: how to define what is "significant"?
[Wed Feb 18 20:56:25 2015] <jan____>: maybe option 0. asking legal-discuss@ if there
is a way to streamline this (like have one document explaining everything, that everyone can
just sign and be done with it)
[Wed Feb 18 20:56:29 2015] <jan____>: EOT
[Wed Feb 18 20:58:11 2015] <Wohali>: point of order, are we continuing to maintain jquery.couchdb?
and with the adoption of nano are we looking to take on things like couchapp, erica or similar?
[Wed Feb 18 20:58:28 2015] <Wohali>: they are useful and i don't want them to die, but
donating code doesn't mean people will actually maintain them
[Wed Feb 18 20:59:15 2015] <Kxepal>: Wohali: jquery.couchdb lazily we are continuing,
but actually need someone who'll take care about it
[Wed Feb 18 20:59:28 2015] <jan____>: Kxepal: “anything we can’t rewrite quickly”,
something like 10-20 line patches are not significant
[Wed Feb 18 20:59:48 2015] <Wohali>: i just want to understand how we agreed to adopt
nano, and what that means for the future for similar projects
[Wed Feb 18 20:59:58 2015] <Wohali>: and who is stepping up to deal with nano long term
if it's not dscape
[Wed Feb 18 21:00:09 2015] <jan____>: Wohali: not yet looking to assimilate everything
out there, but might be good practice to help build communities around things we care about.
[Wed Feb 18 21:00:20 2015] <Wohali>: we already have a lot of core code that isn't necessarily
being tended to :(
[Wed Feb 18 21:00:42 2015] <jan____>: Wohali: nano: no vote yet, so nothing final yet,
but it seems like a few folks would be interested in having it and maintaining it.
[Wed Feb 18 21:00:47 2015] <Wohali>: was a vote taken on nano? ah ok n/m
[Wed Feb 18 21:00:50 2015] <jan____>: right, nano has volunteers lined up tho
[Wed Feb 18 21:00:53 2015] <Wohali>: ok good
[Wed Feb 18 21:00:55 2015] <Wohali>: i didn' tknow
[Wed Feb 18 21:00:57 2015] <robertkowalski>: Wohali: nano has another contributor who
would like to join the asf and garren also offered help in his spare time
[Wed Feb 18 21:01:10 2015] <Wohali>: cool, more committers is good
[Wed Feb 18 21:01:29 2015] <jan____>: I’d say for other projects, if we can rally
support, we can discuss getting them in, but this shouldn’t be a blanket policy
[Wed Feb 18 21:01:32 2015] <Wohali>: just want to make sure we take what we will maintain,
not just to take it
[Wed Feb 18 21:01:38 2015] <Kxepal>: jan____: [bikeshedding] so if someone submitted
PR with 5 lines fix that prevents resource leak or bumps performance in 5 times because those
5 lines changes were required deeply knowledge of how node.js works...isn't significant? I
think this isn't so trivial definition /:
[Wed Feb 18 21:01:43 2015] <Wohali>: right-y oh
[Wed Feb 18 21:01:57 2015] <Wohali>: sounds to me like garren would be the ideal person
to do the review
[Wed Feb 18 21:02:04 2015] <Wohali>: if he knows the code already
[Wed Feb 18 21:03:10 2015] <jan____>: My gut feeling is that if projects become Apache
CouchDB official, more people are likely to come out of the woodwork to help. I like the aspect
of getting more people into the ASF way of things, because they are more likely to bleed over
to our other projects, including CouchDB core (c.f. robertkowalski :)
[Wed Feb 18 21:03:35 2015] <jan____>: Kxepal: not my call, the ASF is officially vague
on this, please refer to legal-discuss@a.o for details :)
[Wed Feb 18 21:03:45 2015] <robertkowalski>: Wohali: the review for calling the persons
which did commits?
[Wed Feb 18 21:03:56 2015] <Kxepal>: jan____: ok, I was just wondering (:
[Wed Feb 18 21:03:57 2015] <Wohali>: robertkowalski: correct, the pre-acceptance vetting
of cod ethat jan asked for
[Wed Feb 18 21:04:33 2015] <Wohali>: jan____: just want to have a contingency plan for
what happens if we adopt a bunch of code, no one shows up to volunteer it, and we get repo
bloat of unmaintained and unloved code
[Wed Feb 18 21:04:39 2015] <jan____>: Kxepal: I’d say for the sake of simplicity here,
we’ll define a +/- git stat as the threshold and go from there.
[Wed Feb 18 21:05:07 2015] <jan____>: Wohali: yeah, totally understood, I don’t want
that either
[Wed Feb 18 21:05:25 2015] <robertkowalski>: Wohali: we can delete the code if nobody
wants it
[Wed Feb 18 21:05:34 2015] <robertkowalski>: i also suggested that fpr jquery.couch
[Wed Feb 18 21:05:43 2015] <jan____>: Wohali: case in point, we should do some advertising
around jquery,couchdb.js (maybe in the weekly news) to see if we attract more folks
[Wed Feb 18 21:05:57 2015] <Wohali>: +1
[Wed Feb 18 21:06:20 2015] <Kxepal>: jan____: about jquery.couch...may be act more directly
and ask in jquery community about?
[Wed Feb 18 21:06:28 2015] <jan____>: for jquery.couch.js, I’d like to keep it around
as is for at least 2.0 so apps that rely on it being in /_utils/script/ don’t break
[Wed Feb 18 21:06:43 2015] <jan____>: but post 2.0, depends on if it has maintainers
[Wed Feb 18 21:06:49 2015] <jan____>: Kxepal: yeah, that too!
[Wed Feb 18 21:06:54 2015] <jan____>: good idea
[Wed Feb 18 21:07:45 2015] <Wohali>: i know the js world has very divided feelings on
jquery but it still shows up in a lot of places, let's try and get someone for it.
[Wed Feb 18 21:07:47 2015] <Wohali>: sorry for the distraction.
[Wed Feb 18 21:07:58 2015] <Wohali>: i nominate garren to review the code 
[Wed Feb 18 21:08:02 2015] <Wohali>: or to ask him who else could
[Wed Feb 18 21:08:35 2015] <robertkowalski>: ill ask him tomrrow, ok?
[Wed Feb 18 21:08:45 2015] <robertkowalski>: or do you want?
[Wed Feb 18 21:09:33 2015] <Wohali>: please do, my schedule is...erratic
[Wed Feb 18 21:10:08 2015] <robertkowalski>: #action robertkowalski to ask garren for
a pre-review of the nano code
[Wed Feb 18 21:10:45 2015] <robertkowalski>: Wohali: that also includes the cla signing
part, right? not just identifying?
[Wed Feb 18 21:11:12 2015] <Wohali>: no, i think jan just wanted the review
[Wed Feb 18 21:11:20 2015] <Wohali>: should keep the CLA part iwthin the PMC in my opinion
[Wed Feb 18 21:11:22 2015] <Wohali>: ACTION shrugs
[Wed Feb 18 21:12:06 2015] <jan____>: good call, I’d volunteer robertkowalski for
this :P
[Wed Feb 18 21:12:32 2015] <jan____>: (that is, good call Wohali on letting a PMC member
handle this)
[Wed Feb 18 21:12:47 2015] <robertkowalski>: awesome!
[Wed Feb 18 21:13:21 2015] <robertkowalski>: #info jan____ will volunteer on the cla
signing part for nano
[Wed Feb 18 21:13:28 2015] <jan____>: NONONO
[Wed Feb 18 21:13:35 2015] <jan____>: I suggest *you* do it :D
[Wed Feb 18 21:13:42 2015] <Wohali>: lol
[Wed Feb 18 21:14:11 2015] <jan____>: robertkowalski: deal: let’s both work on this
[Wed Feb 18 21:14:21 2015] <robertkowalski>: jan____: alright
[Wed Feb 18 21:14:49 2015] <robertkowalski>: #info robertkowalski joins jan volunteering
for nano cla signing
## other business ##
[Wed Feb 18 21:16:36 2015] <robertkowalski>: i am writing a blogpost for creating couchdb
[Wed Feb 18 21:16:56 2015] <robertkowalski>: awenkhh already reviewed it, had some very
good feedback
[Wed Feb 18 21:17:14 2015] <awenkhh>: robertkowalski yeah will be cool 
[Wed Feb 18 21:17:46 2015] <awenkhh>: I will alos write one over the weekend about the
CouchDB Day itself including video and the like 
[Wed Feb 18 21:17:58 2015] <robertkowalski>: cool!
[Wed Feb 18 21:18:04 2015] <jan____>: nice x 2
[Wed Feb 18 21:18:53 2015] <robertkowalski>: cool beans :) thank you, great meeting!
[Wed Feb 18 21:19:08 2015] <robertkowalski>: ASFBot: meeting end

Meeting ended at Wed Feb 18 21:19:08 2015

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