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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Re: New motto?
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2014 17:52:05 GMT
So, I just mentioned on dev@, but one of the angles I was thinking about was:

- Liberate your data
- Free your data

Perhaps with "The database that..." before either.

I think this "liberate" idea taps intot the core of what I think our
"why?" is. We all seem to have the shared goal of wanting to help
people liberate their data, in terms of being able to move it wherever
they want, work on it how they want. Our sync/replication is really
only the implementation ("how?") of that goal.

"Liberate" as a word, and the associations that go with it, also taps
into a growing movement of indie developers who are trying to move
away from closed data silos and corporate multinationals being in
control of massive amounts of user data.

It echoes things like Unhoasted, OfflineFirst, POSSE and PESOS.

On 1 November 2014 03:24, Javier Candeira <> wrote:
> Just brrainstorming, I think the "sync" is the biggest selling point
> of CouchDB. The fact that it doesn't lose data is obviously good
> (cough cough MongoDB cough), but you can hardly advertise "we don't
> lose your data" in your slogan, that should be a given. You don't
> advertise youghourt as "0% cyanide" either.
> Another strong point is the ecosystem, with TouchDB/Couchbase
> Lite/PouchDB leading the charge.
> So I would like to see a slogan along the lines that express the
> concept of "A database that gets the web, mobile and sync" (not a
> proposal, just a suggestionf or a message.
> Or, now in the terrain of slogans, mirroring the famous Dropbox "A
> Folder. On several computers. That syncs", we could say...
> "Your data, on the web and on your device, always in sync."
> Though that seems too specific, and getting a bit into Hoodie territory.
> "CouchDB syncs your data to wherever you need to use it". Hmm, it's
> more than just sync.
> As I said above, this is just an idea dump, inspired by Noah's great
> reframing of the problem.
> J
> On Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 9:44 PM, Jan Lehnardt <> wrote:
>> Thanks Noah!
>> this is where we need to be heading.
>> As related inspiration, see these storytelling rules by Pixar. Not all
>> apply to what we want to do, but pretend CouchDB is a character and we
>> want to tell its story:
>> Best
>> Jan
>> --
>>> On 30 Oct 2014, at 21:16 , Noah Slater <> wrote:
>>> Okay, so a while ago we had this discussion about what CouchDB's "why"
>>> was. i.e. What's our purpose.
>>> There are three questions we can answer, at various points in our
>>> marketing material:
>>> Why? - What's our shared goal?
>>> How? - How are we working towards it?
>>> What? - What are the particulars of that approach.
>>> Most projects get this the wrong way round. In fact, we have done. We
>>> tell you about JSON and HTTP and whatever up front. That's the what.
>>> It's not interesting.
>>> We've had suggestions to use the motto "The database that
>>> replicates/syncs". That's better. But this is the how. We're telling
>>> you how we're working towards our shared goal. Still no explicit goal.
>>> Now. You look at Apple, and their motto was "think different". It was
>>> always about challenging the status quo and putting the user first.
>>> They just happened to be doing that by building a computer. (Now a
>>> phone, a watch, etc, etc...)
>>> The thing about stating your values up front is that you attract
>>> people with the same values. They "believe" in you and what you're
>>> doing in a very emotional way.
>>> Compare this to Dell. You know anybody who's passionate about Dell?
>>> "Hey, we build powerful computers. Buy one." Okay sure, maybe. But I'm
>>> not gonna *feel* anything about it.
>>> So, let's talk about Couch.
>>> I think that our core value is giving people the power to do what they
>>> want with their data. To keep it where ever they want. To move it
>>> where ever they want. And for this to be as easy as possible.
>>> Here's a sample formulation
>>> "We want to put your data in your hands. We're gonna do that by
>>> making it easy to move your anywhere you want. We just happen to
>>> building a database."
>>> arkos has a great slogan: "Your data, your rules"
>>> This is where we need to be heading. This isn't about syncing. This is
>>> about giving people the power to move their data into and out of
>>> whatever environment, platform, and device they want to.
>>> Data autonomy?
>>> Some other notes:
>>> Mikeal Rogers said to me that after working with Couch, he started to
>>> take it for granted that getting data back out of a database should be
>>> as easy as putting it in. (But apparently this isn't so) He said this
>>> was a unique feature of CouchDB.
>>> Tom Dale once said something about the need to share and distribute
>>> data. No silos. Host individual sites in your own server. Can't
>>> remember the context, just have it in my notes.
>>> But this ties into the IndieWebCamp concept of POSSE.
>>> And also dovetails with OfflineFirst, things like unhosted, and the
>>> growing movement of people who want  local data ownership.
>>> Also think about the fact that CouchDB is more like Git than
>>> PostgreSQL. (Thanks Jan, for the analogy.) Decentralised data,
>>> workflows, syncing, etc. What is this about really? It's about
>>> enabling decentralised data management. Ties into the same concept.
>>> Access your data anywhere
>>> Access your data offline
>>> Decentralised data management
>>> Puts you in control of your own data
>>> Local data ownership
>>> Grants you data autonomy
>>> Your data, your rules
>>> Puts your data back in your hands
>>> ^ Not slogans, just prompts.
>>> What's our why? If we find that, we'll have our slogan.
>>> On 30 October 2014 19:45, Andy Ellicott <> wrote:
>>>> I think I read something recently that there's more mobile than web app development
happening these days, so "web" might end up sounding outdated.
>>>> Random input:
>>>> "Synchronicity" is a word we're using to differentiate couchdb-style dbs
from others. Feel free to reuse or take inspiration from that...or not :)
>>>> Andy
>>>> Sent from my iPhone
>>>>> On Oct 30, 2014, at 2:35 PM, Alexander Shorin <>
>>>>> Will repeat myself on IRC:
>>>>> "A database for the web" isn't good one since PouchDB is eventually
>>>>> more "database for the web" than CouchDB now.
>>>>> We need something more fresh, unique and collision safe as like as
>>>>> "Time to relax!" was - it's hard to associate any other database with
>>>>> the same motto.
>>>>> --
>>>>> ,,,^..^,,,
>>>>>> On Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 9:01 PM, Joan Touzet <>
>>>>>> Coming out of the logo discussion, it seems 2.0 may be the
>>>>>> right time to consider a new motto, replacing "Time to relax."
>>>>>> PouchDB is "The database that syncs."
>>>>>> On today, "A database for the web"
>>>>>> is the most prominent motto, bigger than "Relax."
>>>>>> Jan and I will be on stage in 3 weeks in Budapest to present
>>>>>> plans for CouchDB 2.0. I'd love to make an announcement of a
>>>>>> new motto there, even if we don't have a new logo (or consensus
>>>>>> on one) by that time.
>>>>>> Thoughts, suggestions, comments?
>>>>>> -Joan
>>> --
>>> Noah Slater

Noah Slater

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