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From Noah Slater <>
Subject AdvocateHub rewards
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2014 15:41:35 GMT

I'd like to set up the following rewards. Please review. If nobody
objects to this email, I will assume consensus.

Lena, a few of these relate to the weekly news, so I'm hoping you can
look it over specifically in case you have any objections or
suggestions for improvement!

- #FollowFriday

We include the advocate in a #FollowFriday tweet sent from @CouchDB.

- Individual Twitter thank you

We post a tweet from @CouchDB, individually thanking the advocate.

- Thank you in the weekly news

We include the advocate's name on a list of people we're thanking in
the next weekly news. (This would appear at the bottom of the post.)

- Individual profile in the weekly news

We add a short para, no longer than a tweet (perhaps?) to the bottom
of the weekly news, in a special thanks section (or similar).

- Get featured on the website

Join the list of featured advocates on our main homepage. We'd keep X
advocates here, removing people off as new people join.

(This actually doubles as recruitment for new advocates.)

- Enter the Hall of Fame

The advocates name is added to the ADVOCATES file in the root of the
main CouchDB repository.

- Have a release dedicated to you

The advocates name is added to a list of people that our next release
is dedicated to. This will appear at the bottom of the release

- Name the weekly news

The advocate gets to pick a fun name for the next weekly news. This is
included at the top of the weekly news in the style of "aka the X
update" or similar.

(This is just a small selection of the rewards, focusing here on
recognition. I have other ideas, but I don't want to swap you.)


Noah Slater

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