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From ASF IRC Bot <>
Subject Summary of IRC Meeting in #couchdb-meeting
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2014 20:13:20 GMT
Summary of IRC Meeting in #couchdb-meeting at Wed Aug 13 19:05:31 2014:

Attendees: Wohali, davisp, dch, Kxepal, robertkowalski, chewbranca, deathbear

- Preface
- merge
  - Info: major hat-tip to rnewson who thoroughly deserves a super-couch-hero cape
  - Info: JS tests are passing against th esingle node interface
  - Info: eunit tests mostly ported over, chewbranca driving this
- documentation
  - Action: chewbranca will write an intro to bigcouch for couchdb users that hsows the basics
  - Action: Wohali to deal with tooling discussion with IBM contributors interested in supporting
i18n for documentation and l10n for Fauxton. ETA is 2015.
- fauxton
- back to documentation
- fauxton
  - Action: robertkowalski + kxepal will work on compiling a list of release-blocking bugs
for Fauxton to replace Futon in 2.0
- CouchDB
  - Action: 1.6.1 release to fix the password problem, 1.7 to include the deprecation
  - Action: dch to get a proposed branch for 1.6.1 up ASAP
  - Info: intent is 1.7.x becomes LTS for CouchDB, have to increment 1.6 -> 1.7 so that
we can declare deprecation per semver standard
  - Info: last commit before bigcouch merge is #ade9dae, last common commit between master
& 1.6.x is #6fe7583 in april...
- bylaws/coc/diveristy
  - Action: Wohali to get CoC/diversity into SVN this eek
  - Info: minor cleanup of CoC/diversity can start now on the ML
- open floor

IRC log follows:

## Preface ##
[Wed Aug 13 19:06:04 2014] <Wohali>: welcom eeveryone
## merge ##
[Wed Aug 13 19:06:18 2014] <Wohali>: rnewson finished merging in all of the Cloudant
[Wed Aug 13 19:06:21 2014] <Wohali>: \o/
[Wed Aug 13 19:06:29 2014] <Wohali>: the so-called "windsor-merge" (vs. the nebraska
merge of las tyear)
[Wed Aug 13 19:06:40 2014] <Wohali>: davisp is on a fixing rampage while rnewson is
on holiday this week
[Wed Aug 13 19:06:40 2014] <dch>: #info major hat-tip to rnewson who thoroughly deserves
a super-couch-hero cape
[Wed Aug 13 19:06:44 2014] <Wohali>: davisp: anything else to add?
[Wed Aug 13 19:07:08 2014] <davisp>: Not really. Just going through running the test
suite and fixing bugs
[Wed Aug 13 19:07:20 2014] <davisp>: pretty standard merge work from my point of view
[Wed Aug 13 19:08:17 2014] <Wohali>: where's the test suite at right now?
[Wed Aug 13 19:08:41 2014] <chewbranca>: sec
[Wed Aug 13 19:08:54 2014] <Wohali>: chewbranca has also been working on merging the
eunit stuff over, i know he's made significant progress.
[Wed Aug 13 19:08:55 2014] <davisp>: JS tests are passing against the single node/backend
[Wed Aug 13 19:09:18 2014] <chewbranca>: I've got a large number of the tests working
in couchdb-couch over in
[Wed Aug 13 19:09:47 2014] <chewbranca>: hoping to wrap that up today, or at least get
all the pieces in place so that we have a list of tests that are still problematic but overall
it's useful as a test suite
[Wed Aug 13 19:09:49 2014] <Wohali>: #info JS tests are passing against th esingle node
[Wed Aug 13 19:09:51 2014] <davisp>: Working through Cloudant's internal test suite.
Hoping to get that open sourced at some point though it'll probably require some finaggling
to get fixed up
[Wed Aug 13 19:09:54 2014] <robertkowalski>: there was the question for some documentatiion
on the mailing list, but i guess this will be a topic after the fixes and testsuite?
[Wed Aug 13 19:10:07 2014] <Wohali>: #info eunit tests mostly ported over, chewbranca
driving this
[Wed Aug 13 19:10:30 2014] <davisp>: Documentation I think should be an ongoing issue
yeah. We've had pushes to add more but its never been prioritized
[Wed Aug 13 19:10:41 2014] <chewbranca>: I still need to bring over the test suite for
the other sub repos, ie Kxepal also ported couch_mrview tests, but I haven't grabbed those
yet as I need to rip them out of apache/couchdb into apache/couchdb-couch-mrview (and similar
for any others)
[Wed Aug 13 19:11:31 2014] <chewbranca>: on the documentation front, I've been meaning
to write an introduction to bigcouch for couchdb users that walks through creating a doc and
showing how it works with the underlying shards and what not
[Wed Aug 13 19:13:14 2014] <Wohali>: ok, anything else for the merge? amazing work,
and lagers / gin & tonics / fruit juice all around
[Wed Aug 13 19:13:31 2014] <chewbranca>: so I'll get out a status update later on eunit,
but ideally we'll have a PR against couchdb-couch soon
[Wed Aug 13 19:13:44 2014] <chewbranca>: I think it's better to bring in the individual
pieces as soon as we can so we've got more test coverage going
[Wed Aug 13 19:14:08 2014] <davisp>: chewbranca: +1
[Wed Aug 13 19:14:20 2014] <Kxepal>: chewbranca: sorry for leaving this (eunit) for
your own! ): I'm really have to find the way to join you on this.
[Wed Aug 13 19:15:01 2014] <Wohali>: awesome everyone, thanks.
[Wed Aug 13 19:15:04 2014] <chewbranca>: Kxepal: not a problem, you did all the hard
work, thanks a ton for doing the initial migration
[Wed Aug 13 19:15:25 2014] <Wohali>: moving on
[Wed Aug 13 19:15:27 2014] <chewbranca>: Kxepal: I've moved all the relevant commits
you made over into couchdb-couch:
## documentation ##
[Wed Aug 13 19:15:44 2014] <chewbranca>: and will do similar for the other relevant
[Wed Aug 13 19:15:47 2014] <Wohali>: since it's fresh on everyone's minds
[Wed Aug 13 19:16:10 2014] <Wohali>: #action chewbranca will write an intro to bigcouch
for couchdb users that hsows the basics
[Wed Aug 13 19:16:24 2014] <dch>: ^ chewbranca love to work with you on that BTW
[Wed Aug 13 19:16:30 2014] <dch>: maybe we can link / peer up on it
[Wed Aug 13 19:16:36 2014] <chewbranca>: dch: sounds good
[Wed Aug 13 19:16:49 2014] <Wohali>: I also have word from IBM that they are eager to
help with internationalisation and globalisation through Cloudant's contributions to CoucHDB.
[Wed Aug 13 19:17:14 2014] <chewbranca>: dch: the main thing I want to show is creating
a doc, then where that exists in the underlying shards, and to show people that "bigcouch"
is sugar on top of a set of standard couchdb dbs
[Wed Aug 13 19:17:30 2014] <Wohali>: We are currently working through tooling, which
is the biggest problem. They may insist on doing translations in Markdown, not in the current
format. The other alternative is DITA which is XML. Of the two, I think Markdown sounds more
[Wed Aug 13 19:17:46 2014] <Wohali>: As a result we may need to reopen the bikeshed
that is documentation tooling framework and workflow.
[Wed Aug 13 19:17:53 2014] <Wohali>: More to come here, this is just an early heads
[Wed Aug 13 19:18:30 2014] <davisp>: Any word if we there's desire to i18n the code
base with gettext and all that jazz?
[Wed Aug 13 19:18:42 2014] <Wohali>: That is also included, at lesat for Fauxton.
[Wed Aug 13 19:18:43 2014] <Kxepal>: as about the docs, I'm finishing my new sphinx
ext for testing http examples, so we'll always will have them correct and easily find out
the broken/outdated ones. also this ext could be used as additional functional testing for
[Wed Aug 13 19:18:56 2014] <Wohali>: Kxepal: see above :(
[Wed Aug 13 19:19:01 2014] <dch>: Kxepal: that is a super-cool feature!
[Wed Aug 13 19:19:02 2014] <Wohali>: but the good news is that they will be willing
to sponsor translation of a lot of the API documentation, and possibly some oft he user guide,
into at least 8 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, 2x Chinese, Japanese)
[Wed Aug 13 19:19:27 2014] <Kxepal>: davisp: Wohali: as for translation, we have pottle
and i18n via gettext
[Wed Aug 13 19:19:38 2014] <Kxepal>: German is completed, others in progress
[Wed Aug 13 19:19:42 2014] <Wohali>: #action Wohali to deal with tooling discussion
with IBM contributors interested in supporting i18n for documentation and l10n for Fauxton.
ETA is 2015.
[Wed Aug 13 19:20:26 2014] <Kxepal>: Wohali: not sure what you meen by above. you plan
to change documentation format completely?
[Wed Aug 13 19:20:54 2014] <dch>: Kxepal: I didn’t raise splitting the docs off into
its own repo to the i18n list, will this break anything for them?
[Wed Aug 13 19:21:47 2014] <Wohali>: Kxepal: I don't "plan" anything, but it may be
a tradeoff we need to consider. For free translation services to be funded by IBM, they may
insist on a different format. I am continuing to investigate, this is just early notification.
[Wed Aug 13 19:22:02 2014] <davisp>: Id hope we can convince them that rst is close
[Wed Aug 13 19:22:04 2014] <dch>: it builds on unixes like it always did, but I haven’t
tested it on windows since

[Wed Aug 13 19:22:24 2014] <Kxepal>: dch: no, it shouldn't since all translation work
happens on pottle.a.o. we need just to peek the results and push to the repo
[Wed Aug 13 19:22:27 2014] <Wohali>: davisp: it's more about workflow with their translation
tooling, which today uses DITA (and they are being forced to suport .md because of other projects)
[Wed Aug 13 19:22:35 2014] <davisp>: Ahhh
[Wed Aug 13 19:22:56 2014] <Wohali>: The other piece is that bradnoble and garbados
have been working on a very cool prototype that takes the output of what we have, incorporates
code examples from a number of different languages, and deploys the docs into a couchDB so
it can be replicated around
[Wed Aug 13 19:23:17 2014] <Wohali>: that code is public, though I don't have the URL
at my fingertips. More eyes on this would be awesome.
[Wed Aug 13 19:23:25 2014] <Kxepal>: Wohali:
[Wed Aug 13 19:24:17 2014] <Wohali>: Kxepal: *nod* Again, IBM's translation services
will insist on using their own tooling; it's my job to try and work out how to make this happen
in an efficient manner.
[Wed Aug 13 19:24:48 2014] <dch>: ok so we have a lot of different activities happening
here off list, would be nice / appropriate to remind people to bring this back to the project
list where that makes sense. 
[Wed Aug 13 19:24:59 2014] <dch>: even just a “hey we’re doing this” announcement
will be nice
[Wed Aug 13 19:25:05 2014] <Wohali>: dch: I'll bring up these two topics on lits when
they're more baked, this is just early warning
[Wed Aug 13 19:25:22 2014] <Wohali>: this is the framework:
[Wed Aug 13 19:26:05 2014] <Wohali>: an example:
[Wed Aug 13 19:26:06 2014] <Kxepal>: Wohali: ok. it would be interesting to figure out
how to conjunct them. in the end, we could always made another ext to handle translation bits
- I'm experienced in extending sphinx now (:
[Wed Aug 13 19:26:24 2014] <Wohali>: this is not yet fully baked, so be kind :)
[Wed Aug 13 19:26:40 2014] <Wohali>: deployed as a couchapp using
[Wed Aug 13 19:26:44 2014] <dch>: tbh it looks pretty awesome already, I don’t know
what sort of oven you need to finish it :-)
[Wed Aug 13 19:27:13 2014] <Wohali>: dch: in short, trying to resolve the gap between
this and the sphinx approach we use today.
[Wed Aug 13 19:27:18 2014] <Wohali>: which is....major.
[Wed Aug 13 19:27:24 2014] <Wohali>: i'll get a mailing list thread started.
[Wed Aug 13 19:27:27 2014] <Wohali>: anything else on documentation?
[Wed Aug 13 19:27:54 2014] <Wohali>: ok
## fauxton ##
[Wed Aug 13 19:28:01 2014] <Kxepal>: one moment, but it intersects with releases
[Wed Aug 13 19:28:10 2014] <Wohali>: sorry, go ahead kxepal
## back to documentation ##
[Wed Aug 13 19:28:50 2014] <Kxepal>: (: well, it's about API deprecation and the others
things which will gone in 2.0
[Wed Aug 13 19:29:22 2014] <Wohali>: OK, is there anything specifically gone in 2.0?
[Wed Aug 13 19:29:30 2014] <Wohali>: Other than experimental features like plugins.
[Wed Aug 13 19:29:36 2014] <Wohali>: and the node view server
[Wed Aug 13 19:29:44 2014] <Kxepal>: few resources, few params, few configs etc.
[Wed Aug 13 19:29:45 2014] <Wohali>: we are intending to deprecate futon
[Wed Aug 13 19:29:56 2014] <Wohali>: Kxepal: Are you volunteering to keep a list? :)
[Wed Aug 13 19:30:06 2014] <Kxepal>: Wohali: with happy
[Wed Aug 13 19:30:23 2014] <Wohali>: Kxepal: I know there was a thread on the mailing
list about not adding a deprecated notice in headers since users won't see it anyway
[Wed Aug 13 19:30:29 2014] <Wohali>: and I got the sense we had consensus there
[Wed Aug 13 19:31:00 2014] <Kxepal>: yes. we cannot make any affect on clients, but
we have to document the changes.
[Wed Aug 13 19:31:06 2014] <Kxepal>: at least.
[Wed Aug 13 19:31:10 2014] <Wohali>: agree
[Wed Aug 13 19:32:14 2014] <Kxepal>: ok. we need a full list of changes first to continue
this topic. I'll handle it.
[Wed Aug 13 19:32:28 2014] <Wohali>: thanks alex.
## fauxton ##
[Wed Aug 13 19:32:39 2014] <Wohali>: I asked deathbear to give a status update
[Wed Aug 13 19:32:46 2014] <Wohali>: if she is here :D
[Wed Aug 13 19:33:08 2014] <deathbear>: Hi, right now Jenn and I are working on a new
ui for Indexes and getting it ready to support List, Show and Filter functions
[Wed Aug 13 19:33:16 2014] <deathbear>: as well as some UI changes for all_docs
[Wed Aug 13 19:33:42 2014] <deathbear>: Garren had recently gotten a new design doc
oriented sidebar in  for all docs and he made some updates to that this morning
[Wed Aug 13 19:34:00 2014] <deathbear>: and I think that robertkowalski is working on
filtering in Changes (??)
[Wed Aug 13 19:34:19 2014] <robertkowalski>: the filter for the changes is already in
[Wed Aug 13 19:34:26 2014] <deathbear>: oh ok cool
[Wed Aug 13 19:34:27 2014] <Wohali>: ben bastian (sagelywizard) is working on the db
code for that, to enable that
[Wed Aug 13 19:34:34 2014] <deathbear>: nice
[Wed Aug 13 19:34:57 2014] <robertkowalski>: currently i have a filter for the active
tasks in the making
[Wed Aug 13 19:34:58 2014] <deathbear>: we have a lot of UX changes that are in our
secondary-indexes branch and hope to PR that soon
[Wed Aug 13 19:35:03 2014] <robertkowalski>: where you can filter for database names
[Wed Aug 13 19:35:19 2014] <Wohali>: robertkowalski: oh, different than what I was talking
about, never mind. My thing is the _changes feed in views, sorry.
[Wed Aug 13 19:35:29 2014] <deathbear>: it reworks a lot of the existing documents addon
which was old and a mess. 
[Wed Aug 13 19:36:59 2014] <robertkowalski>: that's really great!
[Wed Aug 13 19:37:21 2014] <Kxepal>: I know that Fauxton team wish me keep silence for
etoomuch criticism with almost zero patches, but may I ask for a proposal?(:
[Wed Aug 13 19:37:45 2014] <Wohali>: Kxepal: let's hear it
[Wed Aug 13 19:40:11 2014] <Kxepal>: Fauxton gets a lot of improvements and features
with every commit - that's great, really. but in the same time there are a lot of details
left behind broken which are need in love and care. like db escaping, role handling, logout
button, api url colours, db deletion button, sidebar ergonomics etc. etc. how about run at
least one sprint not for new features, but for fixing such details which will for sure annoy
the users and make
[Wed Aug 13 19:40:11 2014] <Kxepal>: testers feels that fauxton isn't ready because
a lot of his features looks incompleted due to such broken details
[Wed Aug 13 19:40:56 2014] <dch>: another way of looking at this is to say “what do
we need to finish to ship this amazing UI” 
[Wed Aug 13 19:40:58 2014] <Wohali>: Kxepal: so I think the right answer is to get bugs
filed on all of these and tag them as "easy"
[Wed Aug 13 19:40:59 2014] <Kxepal>: that's the idea (:
[Wed Aug 13 19:41:12 2014] <Wohali>: and we can have a list of "must be fixed for 2.0"
[Wed Aug 13 19:41:27 2014] <robertkowalski>: that would be great!
[Wed Aug 13 19:41:40 2014] <Kxepal>: Wohali: filling the bugs is good, but better to
handle them in time, not making to stack around
[Wed Aug 13 19:43:24 2014] <Kxepal>: I can fill another dozen of issues, not a problem,
but I thought that not only I see the problems....or only I use Fauxton? (:
[Wed Aug 13 19:44:06 2014] <robertkowalski>: Kxepal: i think a list where those issues
are listed and new features are excluded would help me alot prioritizing them in my spare
[Wed Aug 13 19:45:52 2014] <Kxepal>: robertkowalski: ok, will help you with pointers
then (:
[Wed Aug 13 19:46:49 2014] <Wohali>: ok it sounds like there is agreement that we need
a list of release-blocking bugs
[Wed Aug 13 19:46:56 2014] <Wohali>: and that robertkowalski + kxepal will work on compiling
that list
[Wed Aug 13 19:46:57 2014] <Wohali>: accurate?
[Wed Aug 13 19:47:15 2014] <robertkowalski>: yes!
[Wed Aug 13 19:47:17 2014] <Kxepal>: yes
[Wed Aug 13 19:47:19 2014] <Wohali>: #action robertkowalski + kxepal will work on compiling
a list of release-blocking bugs for Fauxton to replace Futon in 2.0
[Wed Aug 13 19:47:21 2014] <Wohali>: tyvm
[Wed Aug 13 19:47:26 2014] <Wohali>: we can all then burn those down.
[Wed Aug 13 19:47:33 2014] <Wohali>: next up
## CouchDB ##
[Wed Aug 13 19:47:55 2014] <Wohali>: so there is interest in a 1.6.1 to fix the password
hashing issue
[Wed Aug 13 19:48:05 2014] <Wohali>: and I know there has been talk at various points
about a 1.7 if necessary
[Wed Aug 13 19:48:19 2014] <Wohali>: i'm unconvinced on 1.7 as it doesn't sound like
we need it from a core database perspective
[Wed Aug 13 19:48:48 2014] <Kxepal>: 1.7 is reasonable to make with deprecation list
on hands + understanding migration simplification on 2.0
[Wed Aug 13 19:48:52 2014] <Wohali>: as in, we don't need to "step through" a specific
version number of db file formats to get to 2.0; chewbranca's compatibility testing showed
you can bring anything from IIRC 1.0.3 forward which is a wide thing
[Wed Aug 13 19:49:26 2014] <Wohali>: I'm saying we could do that in 1.6.1
[Wed Aug 13 19:49:34 2014] <chewbranca>: I think it works from 1.1.2 onwards, the 1.0.x
required a different version of spidermonkey to test
[Wed Aug 13 19:49:36 2014] <Wohali>: 1.7 implies new features or functionality that
I don't think we intend to deliver
[Wed Aug 13 19:49:38 2014] <chewbranca>: so I didn't get that far
[Wed Aug 13 19:49:40 2014] <dch>: TL;DR the password hashing issue will crop up for
anybody with admins in local.ini that’s the incentive for proposing a new version
[Wed Aug 13 19:49:41 2014] <Wohali>: chewbranca: ah sorry, 1.1.2 not 1.0.2
[Wed Aug 13 19:49:54 2014] <Wohali>: dch: Totally. So the question is do we need 1.6.1
AND 1.7 or can 1.6.1 be it?
[Wed Aug 13 19:50:07 2014] <Wohali>: deprecation warnings are going to be documentation
[Wed Aug 13 19:50:18 2014] <Wohali>: we could declare 1.6.x our LTS release
[Wed Aug 13 19:50:24 2014] <dch>: imo all sane users are already on 1.2.x wrt security
and more. I can’t recall the last 1.[12].x upgrade
[Wed Aug 13 19:50:29 2014] <Kxepal>: does semver allows to deprecate features in patch
versions? will this be expected behaviour for users?
[Wed Aug 13 19:50:31 2014] <Wohali>: indeed
[Wed Aug 13 19:50:36 2014] <dch>: Wohali: that’s more or less what I had in mind wrt
[Wed Aug 13 19:50:51 2014] <Wohali>: ah you are right kxepal
[Wed Aug 13 19:50:59 2014] <Wohali>: semver requires a new minor release with the deprecation
in place
[Wed Aug 13 19:51:06 2014] <Wohali>: so fine, we call it 1.7 and make that the fix
[Wed Aug 13 19:51:12 2014] <Wohali>: sounds like the requirements for 1.7 are
[Wed Aug 13 19:51:14 2014] <Wohali>: fix salting
[Wed Aug 13 19:51:17 2014] <Wohali>: document deprecation
[Wed Aug 13 19:51:25 2014] <Wohali>: and any other critical problems we see
[Wed Aug 13 19:51:26 2014] <Wohali>: is taht fair?
[Wed Aug 13 19:51:44 2014] <Wohali>: (see under "How should I handle
deprecating functionality?")
[Wed Aug 13 19:52:43 2014] <Kxepal>: absolutely. but I think we have to fix password
with 1.6.1 since this is critical (for users) issue. 1.7 preparation will take for some more
time while we already have the fix for passwords.
[Wed Aug 13 19:52:57 2014] <Wohali>: ok
[Wed Aug 13 19:53:04 2014] <dch>: I’m confused, why does fixing the salting bug become
1.7  - we didnt add a feature 
[Wed Aug 13 19:53:09 2014] <Wohali>: #action 1.6.1 release to fix the password problem,
1.7 to include the deprecation
[Wed Aug 13 19:53:09 2014] <dch>: nor change an API etc
[Wed Aug 13 19:53:13 2014] <Wohali>: everyone OK?
[Wed Aug 13 19:53:40 2014] <Wohali>: #info intent is 1.7.x becomes LTS for CouchDB,
have to increment 1.6 -> 1.7 so that we can declare deprecation per semver standard
[Wed Aug 13 19:53:56 2014] <Wohali>: anything else on 1.x?
[Wed Aug 13 19:54:01 2014] <dch>: yup
[Wed Aug 13 19:54:13 2014] <dch>: this is mainly for robertkowalski and fauxtoneers
[Wed Aug 13 19:55:12 2014] <dch>: the merging of master (last commit before rnewson’s
bigcouch merge) back to 1.6.x isn’t so clean, and I’ve got a bunch of fauxton-related
changes that break it
[Wed Aug 13 19:55:40 2014] <dch>: it seems to make more sense to branch 1.6.x off that
master, and tidy up a smaller set of diffs from 1.6.x branch.
[Wed Aug 13 19:56:00 2014] <dch>: as I’m assuming the master branch was where you
had the Important Stuff landing
[Wed Aug 13 19:56:48 2014] <Wohali>: off of which master?
[Wed Aug 13 19:57:13 2014] <Wohali>: yeah i wouldn't want to release a 1.6.x (or a 1.7)
on anything post-bigcouch merge
[Wed Aug 13 19:58:21 2014] <robertkowalski>: i think that is okay for fauxton, some
features and fixes may be missing but nothing related to security like that cross-site-scripting-thing
we had for 1.6 afaik
[Wed Aug 13 19:59:17 2014] <dch>: #info last commit before bigcouch merge is #ade9dae,
last common commit between master & 1.6.x is #6fe7583 in april...
[Wed Aug 13 19:59:52 2014] <dch>: robertkowalski: so you’re comfortable that the security
related patches in 1.6.x are addressed in master already then?
[Wed Aug 13 20:00:11 2014] <dch>: that will help me quite a bit in tidying this up
[Wed Aug 13 20:00:39 2014] <robertkowalski>: dch: yes quite sure. and you can ping me
whenever you have a specific question
[Wed Aug 13 20:01:07 2014] <dch>: woot, I’ve got the next 5 days on holiday (aka no
computer) so let’s hope I make some progress on this tonight :-)
[Wed Aug 13 20:01:24 2014] <dch>: I’ll push a branch with WIP tonight, & update
the 1.6.1 thread on the ML
[Wed Aug 13 20:01:40 2014] <dch>: #action dch to get a proposed branch for 1.6.1 up
[Wed Aug 13 20:01:49 2014] <Wohali>: cool.
[Wed Aug 13 20:01:51 2014] <robertkowalski>: dch: the ones were 64144cc and 5e63892
[Wed Aug 13 20:02:15 2014] <dch>: ta
[Wed Aug 13 20:02:15 2014] <robertkowalski>: and are pre-merge commits
[Wed Aug 13 20:03:10 2014] <robertkowalski>: regarding fauxton:
[Wed Aug 13 20:03:19 2014] <robertkowalski>: one thing we had on the mailing list regarding
the future of fauxton: we asked ourselves if we want to support fauxton now after the merge
for 1.6 and garren and me share the opinion to focus on 2.x
[Wed Aug 13 20:04:03 2014] <robertkowalski>: it is a post on the mailing list where
we can discuss post-merge-fauxton
[Wed Aug 13 20:04:05 2014] <dch>: right, I saw that. So arguably this isn’t necessary,
I could skip those commits potentially (but it seems a shame not to ship a better albeit hidden
fauxton if we can)
[Wed Aug 13 20:04:56 2014] <Wohali>: a focus on 2.x makes sense as well
[Wed Aug 13 20:05:20 2014] <Wohali>: we had hoped that fauxton would be fully baked
in 1.x but if doing that means we drastically impact the ability for contributors to make
progress with it, we should just move on
[Wed Aug 13 20:06:15 2014] <dch>: ok, I think we’re done on 1.6.1 here now, yup?
[Wed Aug 13 20:06:47 2014] <Wohali>: yup!
## bylaws/coc/diveristy ##
[Wed Aug 13 20:07:07 2014] <Wohali>: these are all now official! yay!
[Wed Aug 13 20:07:16 2014] <Wohali>: we did a single pass on the bylaws to clean them
[Wed Aug 13 20:07:29 2014] <Wohali>: i am delinquent getting the coc/diversity into
SVN but will do so this week
[Wed Aug 13 20:07:36 2014] <Wohali>: #action Wohali to get CoC/diversity into SVN this
[Wed Aug 13 20:07:53 2014] <Wohali>: #info minor cleanup of CoC/diversity can start
now on the ML
[Wed Aug 13 20:08:22 2014] <Wohali>: not sure there's anything else there
[Wed Aug 13 20:08:38 2014] <Wohali>: thanks to everyone who helped, i am very proud
of our community coming together on this :)
## open floor ##
[Wed Aug 13 20:08:45 2014] <Wohali>: anyone else?
[Wed Aug 13 20:08:50 2014] <robertkowalski>: i have two things :)
[Wed Aug 13 20:09:03 2014] <robertkowalski>: i am currently working with sitepoint to
publish a angular + couchdb tutorial, i hope that people get to know couchdb a little bit
more, let's see how it works
[Wed Aug 13 20:09:14 2014] <robertkowalski>: and the other thing:
[Wed Aug 13 20:09:42 2014] <robertkowalski>: i am happy to announce that i start to
work for cloudant in october :)
[Wed Aug 13 20:10:04 2014] <Kxepal>: robertkowalski: \o/ congrats!
[Wed Aug 13 20:10:26 2014] <dch>: robertkowalski: awesome!
[Wed Aug 13 20:10:32 2014] <robertkowalski>: thank you, really looking forward to it
[Wed Aug 13 20:10:52 2014] <Wohali>: \o/
[Wed Aug 13 20:11:10 2014] <Wohali>: ensuring lots more fauxton love in the coming months.
[Wed Aug 13 20:11:28 2014] <Wohali>: hokay
[Wed Aug 13 20:11:31 2014] <Kxepal>: robertkowalski: I have a third thing for you: how
the recent meeting was?(: Lena awaits some short report for weekly news about but you can
spoiler it here(;
[Wed Aug 13 20:11:31 2014] <Wohali>: anybody else?
[Wed Aug 13 20:12:09 2014] <robertkowalski>: Kxepal: i had a day off
[Wed Aug 13 20:12:25 2014] <dch>: all quiet here, still mainly in holiday mode!
[Wed Aug 13 20:12:39 2014] <Kxepal>: robertkowalski: eh..):
[Wed Aug 13 20:12:59 2014] <Wohali>: all right folks thank you all
[Wed Aug 13 20:13:04 2014] <Wohali>: ASFBot: meeting end

Meeting ended at Wed Aug 13 20:13:04 2014

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