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From Noah Slater <>
Subject CouchDB referrals?
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2014 13:57:58 GMT
Hello folks,

The Influitive AdvocateHub has a primary concept of a referral. In the
context of a business, a referral is when an advocate refers a contact
to the business. Obviously, this is very valuable for B2B business
that are looking for clients.

CouchDB is not a B2B business, and so I'm not sure this particular
part of the AdvocateHub fits our use case.

We can turn it off. But before we do, I wanted to explore some other
options. What could referrals mean for us, as a community?

Some ideas:

- A referral is just an advocate recommending CouchDB to a friend or
colleague. In this scenario, who does the referral contact? Do we put
them in touch with a mailing list (seems a little odd), a particular
person, or particular persons?

- A referral is more about contributors than it is about users. So the
advocate would be referring a contributor to the CouchDB project.
Perhaps a designer, a marketing person, a video blogger, a technical
author, or whatever. People we find hard to recruit normally.
(Remember that recruitment is our #1 biggest challenge.)

- A referral is a business referral. We set up a list for people who
offer CouchDB services. A referral puts the a person in contact with
this list of people. So tenders can be made individually by whomever
is interested in the business.



Noah Slater

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