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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject Getting FDB work onto master
Date Mon, 30 Mar 2020 18:50:00 GMT
Hi everyone, hope you're all staying at home[1].

I've just pushed out a new version of our 
couchdbdev/debian-buster-erlang-all Docker image. This now includes the 
fdb binaries, as well as client libraries and headers. This is a 
necessary (but not sufficient) step to getting the fdb prototype merged 
to master.

Can someone please test if this works correctly for them to build and 
test CouchDB (with fdb)?

Here's instructions:

docker pull couchdbdev/debian-buster-erlang-all
docker run -it couchdbdev/debian-buster-erlang-all
# then, inside the image:
git clone
cd couchdb && git checkout <whatever branch you want>
. /usr/local/kerl/
# you still need to fix make check, but Paul says this should work:
make check-fdb

The next step would be to fix `make check`. Then, you can merge the fdb 
branch to master.

CI on master will be broken after fdb merge until we get answers to 
these questions: [2].

**REMEMBER**: Any 3.x fixes should land on the 3.x branch at this point. 
If they're backend specific, there's no need for them to land on master 

**QUESTION**: Now that we have a new feature (JWT), it's likely the next 
CouchDB release would be 3.1.0 - so, probably no need to land more fixes 
on 3.0.x at this point. Does everyone agree?

-Joan "I miss restaurants" Touzet


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