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From Robert Samuel Newson <>
Subject Re: Getting FDB work onto master
Date Mon, 30 Mar 2020 21:11:11 GMT
Nice, make check-fdb passes for me on that branch (the 2nd time, the 1st time was a spurious
failure, timing related).


> On 30 Mar 2020, at 22:04, Robert Samuel Newson <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Great timing, I merged something to prototype/fdb-layer without the check passing, I'm
trying this now.
> First note, the kerl line doesn't work but it seems there's a system wide erlang 20 install
> B.
>> On 30 Mar 2020, at 19:50, Joan Touzet <> wrote:
>> Hi everyone, hope you're all staying at home[1].
>> I've just pushed out a new version of our couchdbdev/debian-buster-erlang-all Docker
image. This now includes the fdb binaries, as well as client libraries and headers. This is
a necessary (but not sufficient) step to getting the fdb prototype merged to master.
>> Can someone please test if this works correctly for them to build and test CouchDB
(with fdb)?
>> Here's instructions:
>> docker pull couchdbdev/debian-buster-erlang-all
>> docker run -it couchdbdev/debian-buster-erlang-all
>> # then, inside the image:
>> cd
>> git clone
>> cd couchdb && git checkout <whatever branch you want>
>> . /usr/local/kerl/
>> # you still need to fix make check, but Paul says this should work:
>> make check-fdb
>> The next step would be to fix `make check`. Then, you can merge the fdb branch to
>> CI on master will be broken after fdb merge until we get answers to these questions:
>> **REMEMBER**: Any 3.x fixes should land on the 3.x branch at this point. If they're
backend specific, there's no need for them to land on master anymore.
>> **QUESTION**: Now that we have a new feature (JWT), it's likely the next CouchDB
release would be 3.1.0 - so, probably no need to land more fixes on 3.0.x at this point. Does
everyone agree?
>> -Joan "I miss restaurants" Touzet
>> [1]:
>> [2]:

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