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From "Dave Cottlehuber" <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] moving email lists to Discourse
Date Sun, 15 Mar 2020 13:36:52 GMT
On Fri, 13 Mar 2020, at 14:35, Naomi Slater wrote:
> apparently GitHub has discussions now. it's still in beta, but you can 
> specifically request it if you want it if you contact support, I think
> e.g., 
> <>


> I'm interested to know what we think about this and how this 
> might/could fit into our plans for user support, discussion, etc.
> > On 13 Mar 2020, at 00:41, Arturo GARCIA-VARGAS <> wrote:
> > 
> > I'm sure Discourse is a fantastic thing (never used it!) but for us dinosaurs that
still use Email it would be a bad move.
> > 
> > Plain text rulez

I concur.

My 2c is that I have become a unix greybeard in habit, if not physical
attributes. I feel that neither slack nor discourse facilitate being
involved in multiple communities concurrently, they are actively hostile to
it. I spent significantly less time in discourse/slack vs irc/email

The rust discourse, and others that I follow, truncate outbound emails,
and also limit the numbers of outbound messages, effectively making it
not really email, and forcing you to browse the site. This is significantly
slower than churning through a stash of emails to catch up.

That said, user convenience trumps developer satisfaction. If the flock
is moving off mailing lists, then the shepherd should follow.


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