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From Alex Miller <>
Subject Re: CI for prototype/fdb-layer branch
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2020 10:13:52 GMT

> On Feb 19, 2020, at 20:09, Joan Touzet <> wrote:
> On 2020-02-19 23:00, Alex Miller wrote:
>>> On Feb 19, 2020, at 16:07, Paul Davis <> wrote:
>>> foundationdb does take a while to build though, so finding binaries
>>> might short circuit everything to be even a single apt-get line or
>>> w/e.
>> The build is both slow and quite memory hungry.
>> In addition to FROM + COPY in docker, hosts downloads in both a
tarball-of-binaries form and a .deb of the server.
>>> Though that papers over CentOS support and the like. Dunno what that
>>> story is like.
>> RPMs for RHEL6 and RHEL7 are also published (which I think should correlate to centos6
and centos7).
> Are there plans for a CentOS 8 RPM? CentOS 8 has been out since September 2019, and is
the only CentOS that we support with SpiderMonkey 60 today.

I don't think anyone in FDB realized Centos 8 is out, so that's a good question.

After digging through packaging code, the only difference between the EL6
and EL7 RPMs is that EL6 installs a sysv init script, and el7 installs a systemd
unit file.  The binaries in both cases are built on centos6 and the build system
jumps through all the hoops of statically linking a C++ binary, so that
fdbserver will run on anything centos6 or newer just fine.  This should
mean that EL7 RPMs are for EL7+, or at least, until Centos changes init
systems again.

But, that's just theory, and doing a quick install on a centos8 VM sounded like
it'd be qick and simple...

Except parallels doesn't support centos8 out of the box yet, and I broke a
centos7 install trying to do an (unsupported) upgrade to centos8.  So that's

Docker should save the day here, but it turns out that running systemd in a
docker container is nontrivial.  Even when I did get systemd running as PID 1,
FoundationDB didn't start automatically for me, and systemctl doesn't work,
because centos:8 gives you a half baked systemd install that somehow lacks dbus.

So I'm out of easy options.  fdbserver still runs manually just fine, and all
the files _look_ like they got installed in the right place.  So if someone has
an actual running VM of Centos 8, it _seems_ like things should still start fine
when installing the EL7 RPM.

This exercise did point out that centos8 intentionally doesn't provide a /usr/bin/python,
which FDB's RPM packages accidentally depend on, so I've posted to get rid of that.  One
will have to use `rpm -i —force foundationdb-server*.rpm` until the
next 6.2 release.
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