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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject Re: Removal of ibmcom/couchdb3 preview image
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2020 17:19:41 GMT
Bit more context:

12:10 <+Wohali> but we can't have a docker image out there that rides 
master available to the public
12:11 <+Wohali> other projects at Apache have been slapped hard on this
12:11 <wilhol_> ok - will look at getting it removed (I can't do it myself)
12:11 <+Wohali> thanks. it can go back up once there's an *official* 
release, but only for the official version
12:11 <+Wohali> it can't ride master or 3.x or whatever
12:12 <+Wohali> i can pull up the legal statements if there's a question
12:13 <+Wohali> wilhol_:
12:17 <+Wohali> wilhol_: the point being, easily consumable binary 
builds of things that aren't official releases are bad. :)

Also worth reading:


On 2020-02-03 12:08, Joan Touzet wrote:
> Hi IBM people,
> This is a problem, especially because i'm seeing 50K+ pulls on this 
> image already.
> We've not yet released CouchDB 3.0. Any use of this image outside of our 
> immediate developer community is a direct violation of Apache release 
> protocols, and could result in serious problems down the road.
> If you need a dev image for CouchDB to build Fauxton, that's one thing - 
> but that image needs to be built each time, or hosted on a *private* 
> repository with credentials.
> Please take this image offline immediately.
> -Joan "not messing around" Touzet

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