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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject [PLEASE READ] CouchDB 3.0 Update - Jan 30
Date Thu, 30 Jan 2020 22:58:26 GMT
Hi everyone,

We are finally past our blockers for 3.0.0. The beam hang in Erlang 21 
and 22 seems to be worked around by not raising the priority of the 
couch_server process to high. An upstream bug has been filed with Erlang 
to resolve this; until that get patched and merged, and we blacklist the 
bad Erlang releases, we're disabling the priority raise.

There are only minor documentation, packaging and build changes left to 
make. I predict RC1 will be cut next week.

I intend to fork a 3.0.x branch off of master very soon - possibly 
*tomorrow*. If anyone has any reason why this shouldn't happen, please 
speak now.

This means if you want anything to end up in CouchDB 3.0.0, this is the 
final call to clean up and merge your PRs ASAP.

If you have patches that affect CouchDB, this means that patches may 
have to be PR'ed *twice*, once for the 3.0.x branch and once for master.

Remember, once FDB work hits master, we'll be in a situation where 
patches may be landing on multiple branches (if they affect both FDB and 
non-FDB CouchDB) or may only end up on a 3.* branch.

Because of this, do we want to fork now as "3.x", and then fork 3.0.x 
off of that? Basically, we'd treat 3.x as our new 'master' for merging 
anything non-FDB, and open up master for FDB releases. If FDB landing on 
master isn't a priority, we can continue with our traditional forking of 
3.1.x, 3.2.x, etc. off of master until FDB is ready to land there.


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