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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Remove `make elixir` from `make check`
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2019 23:29:47 GMT
Hi Adam,

As long as someone is working on fixing the Elixir tests, fine. They 
*are* failing significantly more often on Jenkins than on Travis, for 
what it's worth.

All our work to build a much better setup for Jenkins may be lost if 
people don't fix these tests promptly.

Would a suitable workaround be having the CI suites run those tests in a 
"doesn't block the build" way? Or do you want to put that hurdle in the 
way of people merging to master/release branches?

Here's the tests that have failed on me during my CI work just today:

Elixir.DesignDocsTest: 4) test POST with empty body (DesignDocsTest)
Assertion with == failed

Elixir.PartitionMangoTest: 16) test explain works with non partitioned 
db (PartitionMangoTest)
Assertion with == failed

(2x) Elixir.AllDocsTest: 5) test POST with empty body (AllDocsTest)
Assertion with == failed
code: assert length(Map.get(resp, :body)["rows"]) == 3

JS design_docs.js: doc insertion should have succeeded
402: test/javascript/tests/design_docs.js

Elixir harness setup failure:
Failed to start all the nodes. Check the dev/logs/*.log for errors.


On 2019-12-12 5:31 p.m., Adam Kocoloski wrote:
> Hi Joan,
> I’ve seen the Elixir suite implicated more frequently as well. I haven’t done the
analysis to see if the failures are concentrated in one or two flakes or if they’re more
evenly distributed. If it’s a small number of  flaky tests I think we have time to fix/disable
them rather than knocking out the whole suite.
> I agree that we need `make check` to be trustworthy in 3.0 release candidates. I would
like to keep running the elixir tests in the CI regardless of whether they’re in the `check`
suite. Cheers,
> Adam
>> On Dec 12, 2019, at 4:39 PM, Joan Touzet <> wrote:
>> Hi again,
>> As I've been looking more closely at the CI suite for the Jenkins transition, I've
noticed that our Elixir test cases are actually the most likely to fail. In 6 consecutive
CI runs, 5 runs failed due to failures in the Elixir suite. (The 6th failed due to a JS test
>> We started the Elixir effort to retire the JS suite. We reached a decision some months
ago to put it into `make check` so that people would pay attention to its output, and work
to fix those tests, accelerating our chances to get rid of the JS suite.
>> Unfortunately, that's not materialised. Our Elixir test porters seem to have stopped
their work for a while now, and no one is systematically addressing the failures in that suite.
I've also heard other developers mention (via IRC) that some of the test cases hold invalid
assumptions about how CouchDB works, especially with the Erlang-based clustering code. It
sounds to me like the effort needs a full code review.
>> With 3.0 around the corner, I want people to be able to trust the output of `make
check` when downloading the tarball. If there is no objection, when I merge the Erlang version
/ CI changes on Monday, I will also comment out the call to `make elixir` as part of make
>> When the Elixir porting team is more confident in the reliability and completeness
of their work, and we can successfully retire the JS suite, we can reconsider.
>> -Joan "really wanting to see green, but only seeing red" Touzet

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