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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Remove `make elixir` from `make check`
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2019 07:27:04 GMT
Jay, consider this a +1 to remove those if you can get to them before I do.

If this makes the Elixir tests useful again, then it's a good compromise.


On 2019-12-13 2:18 a.m., Jay Doane wrote:
> I've been trying to merge into master for the last 24+ hours, and have
> restarted the build about 10 times so far, but it has yet to pass.
> I kept track of failures, and these came up numerous times:
>   1) test GET /dbname/_design_docs (PartitionDDocTest)
>       test/elixir/test/partition_ddoc_test.exs:160
>       ** (RuntimeError) timed out after 10294 ms
>       code: retry_until(
>       stacktrace:
>         (couchdbtest) test/elixir/lib/couch/db_test.ex:301:
> Couch.DBTest.retry_until/4
>         test/elixir/test/partition_ddoc_test.exs:163: (test)
>   1) test All Docs tests (AllDocsTest)
>       test/elixir/test/all_docs_test.exs:15
>       ** (RuntimeError) timed out after 30097 ms
>       code: retry_until(fn ->
>       stacktrace:
>         (couchdbtest) test/elixir/lib/couch/db_test.ex:301:
> Couch.DBTest.retry_until/4
>         test/elixir/test/all_docs_test.exs:75: (test)
> which both seem to be timing out.
> I'm +1 to removing these tests temporarily.
> Jay
> On Thu, Dec 12, 2019 at 1:39 PM Joan Touzet <> wrote:
>> Hi again,
>> As I've been looking more closely at the CI suite for the Jenkins
>> transition, I've noticed that our Elixir test cases are actually the
>> most likely to fail. In 6 consecutive CI runs, 5 runs failed due to
>> failures in the Elixir suite. (The 6th failed due to a JS test failure.)
>> We started the Elixir effort to retire the JS suite. We reached a
>> decision some months ago to put it into `make check` so that people
>> would pay attention to its output, and work to fix those tests,
>> accelerating our chances to get rid of the JS suite.
>> Unfortunately, that's not materialised. Our Elixir test porters seem to
>> have stopped their work for a while now, and no one is systematically
>> addressing the failures in that suite. I've also heard other developers
>> mention (via IRC) that some of the test cases hold invalid assumptions
>> about how CouchDB works, especially with the Erlang-based clustering
>> code. It sounds to me like the effort needs a full code review.
>> With 3.0 around the corner, I want people to be able to trust the output
>> of `make check` when downloading the tarball. If there is no objection,
>> when I merge the Erlang version / CI changes on Monday, I will also
>> comment out the call to `make elixir` as part of make check.
>> When the Elixir porting team is more confident in the reliability and
>> completeness of their work, and we can successfully retire the JS suite,
>> we can reconsider.
>> -Joan "really wanting to see green, but only seeing red" Touzet

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