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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject 3.0 Release Blog Post Series
Date Wed, 27 Nov 2019 16:35:58 GMT
Hey all,

with 3.0 on the horizon, we should start planning some of our
release communications.

For 2.0, we prepared a set of blog posts[1], one a week, in the
running up to the 2.0 release, each explaining a certain
feature in more detail. I’d like to suggest that we repeat
that experience, maybe with 2 a week, so we don’t have to
wait 8 weeks (see below).

I’ve worked with Felix* from my team to come up with a rough
proposal for topics. I’m volunteering Felix to help with the
coordination and copy editing for the posts, but we need your
help to get all the drafts done. In the past, topic experts
had wrote the drafts for the features they worked on.

(* Everybody, meet Felix :)

Here’s a tentative proposal for which topics to cover:

1. Introduction that 3.0 is happening, how it fits in between
2.0 and 4.0, what it all means, and a teaser for the list of
features to come in the following weeks.

2. default security: how we switch from admin party an
open by default, to closed by default.

3. shard splitting: finally, a good q for every occasion
and fully (up)-scalability

4. ken: auto-view warming finally!

5. smoosh: awesome compaction daemon

(4 and 5 might also have references to ioq2, which then might
not needs its own post, but could equally)

6. build-in support for adding search with no fuss

7. if it happens in time: _access, if not, a teaser of where we are.

8. the release announcement, highlights, upgrade notes,
pointers back to feature posts, the lot.


Is there anything we missed?


I’m volunteering for 1. 2. and 7., and I’m happy to work on 8.

It’d be great to get volunteers for the other ones.



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