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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Couch replicator _scheduler/jobs and _scheduler/docs API change
Date Fri, 01 Nov 2019 09:26:24 GMT
Solid, +1!


> On 31. Oct 2019, at 20:45, Nick Vatamaniuc <> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> For CouchDB 3.0 I am proposing to add all the replication status
> details from _active_tasks like "docs_written", "docs_read", etc to
> _scheduler/jobs and _scheduler/docs endpoints.
> Couch replicator scheduler has been out for a few years already. It
> added flexibility, performance and other features. One of the goals of
> the scheduler was to provide a better set of APIs for monitoring
> replication job progress. Those APIs are _scheduler/jobs and
> _scheduler/docs on top of the already existing _active_tasks and just
> polling _replicator db documents.
> _scheduler/jobs is focused on replication jobs, their history, how
> many times they started, stopped, their state. It returns replications
> jobs indexed by their job ids, and includes jobs started from
> _replicator dbs as well as from the _replicate HTTP endpoint.
> _scheduler/docs in turn, is focused on showing the state of
> replication documents. It returns replication jobs indexed by
> _replicator db and doc id which started the jobs.
> _scheduler/docs API was returning an "info" field for each job. That
> info field was designed to contain details pertaining to the current
> state of the job. So if there is an error it will have the error
> message. For a completed job, it was showing the replication stats
> persisted to the replication document, so that users do not have to
> poll their status.
> However, when the jobs were running or were in a pending state that
> field was "null". The idea was to eventually replace "null" with stats
> from _active_tasks such that users don't need to ever look at
> _active_tasks to monitor their replication progress. So the proposal
> here is to do exactly that.
> To be specific:
> 1) In the "pending" or "running" state _scheduler/docs will return
> active_tasks status values in the "info" field. ("completed" is
> already doing that btw).
> 2) _scheduler/jobs will have a new "info" field which also show the
> same status values
> There is a draft PR for it
> Some examples of what it looks like:
> What does everyone think?
> Let's do a lazy consensus since we are replacing a place-holder null
> value and adding a new field to _scheduler jobs. Let me know if this
> is not appropriate and we need a different voting / discussion
> procedure.
> Cheers,
> -Nick

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