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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject Re: Packaging/Docker update: CentOS 8, arm64v8, ppc64le
Date Tue, 22 Oct 2019 10:28:39 GMT

It has been 13 days and not a single person has commented on the ppc64le 
or arm64v8 Docker containers or binary packages.

I am starting to think no one actually cares about these builds, and 
that ARM / IBM only pushed for these builds to be available for 
publicity reasons, not because they have actual use cases in these spaces.

Prove me wrong. Post your test results here:

This is gating addition of these platforms to the top-level "couchdb" 
Docker image.


On 2019-10-11 1:08 p.m., Joan Touzet wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> A few changes have been quietly pushed to the binary package and Docker
> repositories over the past week:
> * CentOS 8 packages are now available in the usual place.
> * Debian stretch packages for arm64v8 and ppc64le are also in the
>    usual place (and were required to build the Docker containers).
> * The apache/couchdb:2.3.1 Docker image now has arm64v8 and ppc64le
>    variants.
> The Docker images need testing on *real* hardware, and preferably
> with *real* workloads. If you are in a position to do that, please leave
> your test results here:
> Getting positive confirmation is necessary to prepare the PR against
> downstream to push these changes into the top-level "couchdb" image.
> I want to quote something from the PR here because I feel very strongly
> about it:
> *************
> Note: "Support" is defined by us running those machines in our CI
> infrastructure regularly. This is true today for arm64v8 (aka aarch64)
> and is about to be true for ppc64le. I feel very strongly that it is
> irresponsible to add another architecture to this image, or to the
> downstream Docker top-level couchdb image, without regular CI occurring.
> You can revisit that decision after I eventually leave the CouchDB
> project, but know that it'll be with my disappointment. ;)
> *************
> -Joan "remember, I'm a volunteer" Touzet

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