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From "Peng Hui Jiang" <>
Subject Re: What is *stable* couchdb-dreyfus-clouseau right now?
Date Sun, 20 Oct 2019 03:36:43 GMT

Hello Arturo,

I made a response in

Peng Hui

From:	Arturo GARCIA-VARGAS <>
Date:	2019/10/20 07:43 AM
Subject:	[EXTERNAL] What is *stable* couchdb-dreyfus-clouseau right now?

Hello List,

   Maybe someone can help me here.  I am upgrading
clouseau/scalang/overlock so it works with Scala-2.13 and JDK-8.  I've
got it working but I have some questions.  I cross-post from


OK, so where do we stand. I have updated dependencies to get
couchdb-master + clouseu + dreyfus working with scala 2.13 and newer
JDK. I have a few questions and comments though, it would be great to
get some information on the below:

* A big patch applied in May (00a1e51) nuked some code (A tiny patch I
did years ago). (BAD?)
* Clouseau has no version tags - How do I know what commit to use with
dreyfus? Are we always working on master?
* Is cloudant using the
for their own deployments? do I have the latest code?
* Clouseau refers to partitioned dbs, which makes me think it is
expecting a couchdb running from master. Can someone clarify what commit
is stable for the combo couchdb-dreyfus-clouseau?

=> Main question: What commit is the working, stable version of clouseau
that I should branch from to apply all scala-2.13 and Lucene upgrades?

* Dreyfus master clearly doesn't apply to stable couchdb-2.3.1. What
commit of dreyfus corresponds to stable-couchdb-2.3.1?
* Dreyfus has seen many patches in the past year, but they are all
incompatible with couchdb-2.3.1. Are these expecting master to be used?
* Dreyfus has a branch 'dreyfus-new-and-old-clouseau'. Is clouseau from
github "old-clouseau"? This one left me a bit astonished at first... Is
there another clouseau?

=> Main question: What commit of dreyfus should we use?

=> Main question: What commit is the stable couchdb to work with all the

I personally want to stick to a reliable couchdb-dreyfus-clouseau combo
as I myself run patched versions of CouchDB-2.3.1.  I would be happy to
move forward our patches to master but without tags and knowing what is
stable we are in the dark.  CouchDB-2.3.1 removed some functionality we
used (starting processes via the config), which was a bit annoying.  We
shrugged it off and moved on to couchdb-2.3.1 but I feel we are again at
square one branching from the "stable" couchdb-2.3.1.  Also, looking at
commits and future plans, CouchDB seems very keen on dropping features.
Committing to "stable" releases seems to leave you on a path that is
already deprecated (what happened from 2.2 to 2.3).  What should we follow?



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