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From Robert Samuel Newson <>
Subject Re: Batch mode options for CouchDB 4.0
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2019 10:40:22 GMT

Just confirming my position on this. We should treat a request with batch=ok as if the setting
was not there. That is, make the same durable commit as normal. We should therefore send a
201 Created response code. We should continue to validate the batch setting (it can be absent
or it can be "ok" but every other value is a 400 Bad Request).

> On 23 Oct 2019, at 11:16, Richard Ellis <> wrote:
> Background:
>> ricellis 2:10 PM
>> Anyone able to comment on whether batch=ok (batch mode writes) are still 
> going to be a thing in FDB based CouchDB? I didn't see it on the proposed 
> list of deprecations, but AIUI _ensure_full_commit is going to be a no-op 
> (even though the endpoint remains for replicator compatibility), so it 
> seems at least the option to manually flush a batch seems to be going.
>> jan 2:47 PM
>> I don’t think we’ll keep that
>> rnewson 3:53 PM
>> we should decide though, on dev mlist.
>> I'd vote for 'recognise and ignore', same as for 'sorted=false' for 
> _view.
> Rounding out that discussion a couple of options were proposed in slack 
> for the handling of the batch=ok parameter in CouchDB 4/FDB:
> 1. Continue to accept the batch parameter, but ignore it and on success 
> return the 201 status code associated with the write's FDB commit. Note 
> this a slight change from the currently documented batch mode behaviour of 
> "The CouchDB server will respond with an HTTP 202 Accepted response code 
> immediately.".
> 2. No longer accept the batch parameter and return a 400 bad request if it 
> is used.
> Opening the discussion here about these two or any other options people 
> would like to propose.
> Rich
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