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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] FoundationDB read versions and CouchDB requests
Date Mon, 07 Oct 2019 17:17:46 GMT
Thanks, Mike.

I know Jan has something to say on this topic, but please note he is on 
vacation through this week and may need to be nudged to post here once 
he returns ;)


On 2019-10-07 5:34 a.m., Mike Rhodes wrote:
> All,
> I think my email wasn't my clearest missive ever, so likely pretty easy to get lost in
it :)
> I think my idea to include the read version in the document rev ID is likely a bad one.
But, if we are already including it in the database seq value, and we've done the work to
make that number transfer cleanly across FDB instances, there's probably some interesting
API directions post 4.0 where we make more use of that value towards more efficient RYW at
a database level.
> I'm beginning to get the feeling of what this API might look like and avoid being painful/confusing.
For example, given the more advanced nature of these APIs, I'd see them operating at the HTTP
header level, where we can provide request and response headers with the same name to support
sending/receiving database seq values across ~all read/write requests.
> Taking Joan and Adam's points on board, my view is that we semi-shelve this discussion
to enable focus on getting 4.0 out the door. But, I think we can start to introduce useful
functionality based on this during the 4.x series if we're careful (i.e., avoiding breaking
changes). Of course, we should probably step back to user pain points first as Joan implies,
otherwise we're building for the sake of building and the opportunity cost is not negligible.
> I think we might also want to hash out the "interchangable backend" question a bit more.
As Adam says, FDB gives us a number of features that would be hard to replicate on different
backends -- at least in the clustered case -- so nailing down a position there sounds important.

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