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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject [Lazy Consensus] Raise minimum Erlang version for 3.0.0 to, Node version to 10
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2019 16:45:18 GMT
I'm updating our build dependencies for CI in advance of the Jenkins
move and 3.0.0. In the process I've got a number of platforms now on
which I can't install Erlang 19 easily.

I also found that the minimum Erlang version for Elixir 1.9 (the latest,
containing the last planned feature that they wanted to add to the
language, releases) is 20.0.

We have blacklisted all 20.x releases below already[1]. So,
I'd like to make that the new, minimum version on master. If I don't
hear otherwise, and as long as there's a +1, I'll proceed to get a PR
merged that updates our checks in rebar.config.script and the CI work
that goes along with it. The new baseline Erlang in our matrices will
then be

So, lazy consensus:

* CouchDB required Erlang will be >=
* CI Erlang will be
* CI Node will be 10.16.3
* CI Elixir will be 1.9.1

-Joan "upgrades, upgrades" Touzet


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