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From Arturo GARCIA-VARGAS <>
Subject Re: Batch mode options for CouchDB 4.0
Date Tue, 29 Oct 2019 22:30:57 GMT
I got a bit curious about this one.  I see that batch=ok simply spawns 
the update.  I am on couchdb master, and I can see the commit regarding 
_ensure_full_commit -it's now a no-op:

commit dc054e7ddcc3ea059e1f86a7039cf86912ab1052
Author: Nick Vatamaniuc <>
Date:   Thu Sep 26 01:33:01 2019 -0400
... 8< ... 8<  ... 8<  ...
`/_ensure_full_commit` HTTP API was left as is since replicator from 
older versions of CouchDB would call that, it just returns the start 
time as if ensure_commit function was called.


If there is no real /_ensure_full_commit anymore, then we cannot spawn 
anymore.  Therefore, I personally think batch=ok should be removed 

> On 29/10/2019 19:10, Robert Newson wrote:
> I am fine with returning 202 even though we blocked to complete the request.
> B.
Seems like a good compromise until total deprecation, as spawning is not 
an option.



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