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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject 2.3.0 issues & PRs in need of attention
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2018 18:01:27 GMT
Hi everyone,

2.3.0 has been languishing for a while. All of the devs seem to be busy in their own feature
branches, while we have a "tragedy of the commons" with these naggling bugs. Please help!

These PRs are at risk of dying if they don't get some +1s soon: - fixed race is_idle - Add support for bulk get with Accept:"multipart/mixed"
or "multipart/related"

These PRs need just a little more work to be completed:

Blocking 2.3.0: - Remove runtime configurability of core system

Remainder of open PRs: - Validate new document writes against max_http_request_size - Record and expose last compaction time - Enable discovery of cluster nodes through DNS
SRV - Add clustered db info - Fix calculation of external size for attachments - Implement replicator forced session refresh - handle db deletion in load validation funs - Switch to python 3 (has a companion PR in couchdb-ci) - Set io_priority for couch_index pids

These issues are currently slated to be resolved in 2.3.0 and have not seen any attention.
Please help: - Autocompaction never triggered in 2.2.0 (regression
from 2.1.0) - Sporadic errors on /_all_docs with Cookie
auth and system databases - Bad total_rows for /{db}/_design_docs - Replicator fails to authenticate to open db
after cookie timeout (relates to PR #1619)

The other 2 issues in 2.3.0 are close to resolution.

We're very close - just need some more hands on deck.


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