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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject JIRA issue management: mass closure
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2018 07:21:45 GMT
Hello everyone,

Since moving to GitHub issues, our old JIRA issue list has basically become completely useless.
Old issues that might be valuable are drowning in hundreds of irrelevant or already fixed

Now that 1.x has been deprecated, I have mass-closed all JIRA issues as "won't fix." The text
in the update reads:

> CouchDB 1.x has been end-of-lifed, we are mass closing out all related issues.
> In addition, CouchDB JIRA has been replaced by GitHub Issues.
> If this issue remains in CouchDB 2.x, and is still relevant, please file a new issue
> Thanks for your interest in CouchDB.

I realize this is a deviation from the stated approach back when we enabled GH Issues, but
as time has gone on I haven't been able to find time to port the issues over, nor has anyone
else. It's a disservice to users who revisit JIRA and expect to see any updates there. ASF's
JIRA instance won't be shut down anytime soon, so there is no risk of losing this valuable
historical information.

If anyone filed any particular issues in JIRA that remain relevant and important in a 2.2.0+
world, now is the time to move them over to GitHub. 


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