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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Officially deprecate CouchDB 1.x.
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2018 04:31:47 GMT
Hi Johs,

Pull requests for 1.x continue to be welcome. But it's been almost two
years since 2.0.0 was released - and I've seen none beyond trivial bug
fixes. Were this proposal not to proceed, the only thing that would
continue right now for 1.x is urgent security patches.

I have already consulted with the active developers working on the
master / 2.x branches - none have the time or inclination to continue
working on 1.x backports, so there is no group of developers currently
identified to fill that hypothetical 3-man team. Are you volunteering?

I'm not saying "no" to backporting, but I am saying that no one has done
so to date, and making a prediction that chances are very slim that
it'll change in the foreseeable future.

As for things in 2.x that are "must fix" before people can upgrade, I
too would like to see pull requests for those. Once again, your help is
most welcome in this - both in identifying a definitive list of those
must-fix issues, as well as code towards fixing them. If you'd like
to help with this important work, please start a new thread.

I realize we see things differently from where we each sit, but I'm
definitely seeing more people on 2.x these days than 1.x,
*significantly* more - both from our informal support channels as
well as through GitHub Issues and requests for paid support. I feel
as a result the time is right to make this proposal.

Thanks for your feedback.


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From: "Johs Ensby" <>
To: " Developers" <>, "Joan Touzet" <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 4, 2018 6:06:06 PM
Subject: Re: [PROPOSAL] Officially deprecate CouchDB 1.x.

thanks for your relentless effort to focus resources on moving 2.x forward.
That said, I honestly dont see how this proposal would support your intentions

1) Migration to to 2.x would have happened already if a production ready version was available
2) Leaving 1.x out in the cold will not speed up migration to 2.x for the above reason
3) To drop support before migration is a success is a very risky move

To me this is a reputation killer. When forward-looking decisions are made for or against
the use of CouchDB, a minimum of two things must be in place. Confidence in the team pushing
the next version forward and a commitment to keep supporting the users that want, but cannot
upgrade as they wait for critical issues to be solved.

My suggestion would be to move with some of the hopeful suggestions to see if some new resources
would come out of the woodwork
1) A 3-person team should be actively encouraged into existence as a first step of a longer
2) Your "no" to back-porting is reasonable if it draws resources from the main project, otherwise
why curb the enthusiasm?
3) The decision to freeze (not abandon) should come as a consquense of 2.x fully satisfying
the users with 1.x systems in production


> On 4 Jul 2018, at 22:51, Joan Touzet <> wrote:
> DISCLAIMER: This is a non-technical proposal to make a project decision.
> Per our Bylaws[1], this means that it should "normally be made with lazy
> consensus, or by the entire community using discussion-led
> consensus-building, and not through formal voting." However, since the
> intent is to make a significant policy change, this concrete proposal
> should be considered as a *lazy consensus* decision with a *7 day*
> timeframe (expiring on or about 2017-07-11, 23:59 UTC. Please give this
> thread your ample consideration.
> I would like to table[2] a proposal to terminate official Apache support
> for CouchDB 1.x. This means that:
>  1. The Apache CouchDB project will no longer make new 1.x releases.
>  2. All remaining 1.x issues in JIRA and GH Issues will be closed.
>  3. Everyone can continue to use 1.x as long as they want.
>  4. People are welcome to continue discussing 1.x on the users@ list.
> The reason is simple: no one is maintaining the 1.x.x branches of
> CouchDB anymore. Issues stack up on the tracker[3] with no response.
> Original grand plans of back-porting 2.x features such as Mango to 1.x
> have not materialised. And when important security issues surface[4],
> having to patch 1.x as well as 2.x slows down the security team's
> ability to push releases quickly out the door.
> By focusing on what we do best - supporting 2.x and beyond with bug
> fixes, new features, and ever-improving documentation and web UI - we
> can improve our release cadence and avoid misleading our user base
> with false promises.
> THAT SAID: There are two important footnotes to the proposal.
> FIRST: If a group of interested maintainers start making active efforts
> to improve 1.x branch upkeep, I can speak with the full authority of the
> PMC to say that we'll endorse those efforts. But to un-mothball
> 1.x officially should require more than 1-2 people doing occasional
> bugfixing work. I'd personally want to see at least a 3-person team
> making sustained contributions to 1.x before re-activating official
> releases. Also, that work would need to be in-line with work currently
> happening on master; I wouldn't want to see new 1.x features materialise
> that don't have parallel commits to master. (Much preferred would be to
> see people fixing the things in 2.x that prevent people migrating off
> of 1.x instead.)
> SECOND: Let a thousand forks bloom. If you're looking to build a CouchDB
> 1.x fork that has baked in geo/full text search, Mango, Fauxton, and
> can run on VMS, OS/2 Warp 4, NeXTStep 3.x, and Palm, have at it. I'll
> even write a blog post about your project. (Sounds interesting!)
> Again, this proposal defaults to lazy consensus with a 7-day expiry
> period. CouchDB committers have binding "votes" on this proposal.
> Thanks for your consideration,
> Joan "to infinity, and beyond" Touzet
> [1]
> [2] In the non-U.S. sense of the word, i.e., meaning to begin
>    consideration of a proposal.
> [3]
> [4]

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