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From Robert Kowalski <>
Subject [HOWTO]: Get the BigCouch Merge + Fauxton running for testing
Date Sat, 07 Jun 2014 20:49:32 GMT
My experiences to get started with testing the BigCouch branch
plus how to get Fauxton with it running for the testing.  We
need your Feedback, so please post any bugs you notice
to this ML.

rebar is a dependency of BigCouch, so we have to install it first:

git clone
cd rebar

# Add rebar to your PATH in your .bash_profile or .bashrc, e.g.:

export PATH="/path/to/the/rebar/directory:$PATH"

# restart your terminal or source your shell configs to get the
# PATH update

# All the other dependencies for installing CouchDB from source
# are still needed, further details:

# clone a fresh CouchDB
# (my usual CouchDB dev repo did not work,
# but I am messing around there)
git clone git://

# checkout the bigcouch-merge branch
cd couchdb
git co 1843-feature-bigcouch

# compile

# I got this as my dev setup is older and Erlang was too old:
# ERROR: OTP release R16B03 does not match required regex
# R14B01|R14B03|R14B04|R16B02|R16B03-1|17
# so I had to update my Erlang, on my Mac I am doing this with:

brew update && brew upgrade erlang

# I did another make:

# after a successful make we can run:

# and if we point our browser to http://localhost:15986/
# there is a welcome message!

# getting Fauxton running
# ------------------------
# Fauxton is not included in the BigCouch branch, so
# do a second clone of the couchdb repo, but stay at master,
# let the first couch run on 15986

# clone into couchdb-2
git clone git:// couchdb-2
cd ~/couchdb-2/src/fauxton

# install Fauxton dependencies (you need node and npm installed):
npm i -g grunt grunt-cli
npm i

# open couchdb-2/src/fauxton/tasks/couchserver.js
# in line 34, change the port of the target to 15986:

    var proxy_settings = options.proxy || {
      target: {
        host: 'localhost',
        port: 15986,
        https: false

# In your couchdb-2/src/fauxton/Gruntfile.js change the
# the port for the defaults to 15986:

    var defaults = {
      dist: './dist/debug/',
      port: 8000,
      proxy: {
        target: {
          host: 'localhost',
          port: 15986,
          https: false
        // This sets the Host header in the proxy so that you can use
        // CouchDB instances and not have the Host set to 'localhost'
        changeOrigin: true

# go to couchdb-2/src/fauxton/ and run grunt dev:
grunt dev

# you can now play with Fauxton and your BigCouch-Couch :)
# Fauxton listens on http://localhost:8000


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