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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: Initial code drop
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2008 22:04:18 GMT
On Feb 21, 2008, at 21:40, Christopher Lenz wrote:

> (yet more replying to self)
> On 21.02.2008, at 12:55, Christopher Lenz wrote:
>> On 21.02.2008, at 07:56, Ted Leung wrote:
>>> I think that would be nice, although not mandatory to preserve the  
>>> history.
>> Even if that history contains the previous GPL licensed version of  
>> the code base?
>>> What's more important is that we be able to verify that all the  
>>> code is clean from an intellectual property point of view: <

>>> >
>> So IIUC one prerequesite to getting the code into the Apache  
>> repository is having CLAs on file for all contributors? How do we  
>> know what the status is in that respect?
> Okay, according to <>  
> CLAs are on file for myself, Damien, and Jan. Noah Slater's is still  
> not listed although he has supposedly faxed in the form weeks ago.  
> The remaining two guys from the proposal I don't even know, they're  
> no longer active in the community AFAIK.

I talked to Will Beh and while he seemed interested, he said he is  
short on time. I suggest starting without him. He can get back on  
board at any time anyway. Or am I mistaken here? As far as I know, the  
CouchDB source currently does not include any contribution by him  
anyway. Dirk Schalge, a friend of mine says, via instant message, that  
we should remove him from the list of initial contributers. His  
contributions have been moved out of the CouchDB repository quite a  
while ago.


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