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From Gianugo Rabellino <>
Subject Re: Initial code drop
Date Sun, 24 Feb 2008 22:47:57 GMT
Hello list, and welcome to the ASF! Sorry for chiming in late, I just  
discovered GMail thought that everything that was sent to this list  
was spam, hopefully this is corrected now.

On Feb 22, 2008, at 9:41 AM, Noah Slater wrote:

> On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 11:09:50PM +0100, Jan Lehnardt wrote:
>> Damien Katz is the sole author of CouchDB, Noah Slater's work is  
>> the build
>> system and Christopher Lenz developed the administration interface. I
>> contributed the initial Lucene part of the fulltext search and  
>> some minor
>> things. We all were aware of the License change and informally  
>> agreed to
>> assign any copyright to Damien. I don't know if that is sufficient  
>> for the
>> situation but that's how it stands :-)
> This is incorrect.
> We all agreed to reclience the code under the APL but I did not  
> agree to assign
> copyright to anyone and the source contains files that are  
> seperately licenced
> by my self, Jan and Damien. Chris was the only person who assigned  
> copyright to
> Damien for this contribution.

I'm a tad concerned about this statement. Notwithstanding which  
copyright assignment were performed in the past, I just wanted to  
double check that every copyright holder of CouchDB code agrees to  
donate their software to the ASF via a copyright assignment. While  
individuals will still retain their copyright, the one and only way  
to work with Apache is with the foundation having code copyright  
assigned. Am I right in assuming that every CouchDB contributor  
agrees to (a) donate the existing code to the ASF via a code grant/ 
copyright assignment and (b) assign copyright to the ASF via the CLA  
for present/future work?


Gianugo Rabellino
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