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From Ted Leung <>
Subject Re: Initial code drop
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2008 21:52:23 GMT

On Feb 21, 2008, at 12:40 PM, Christopher Lenz wrote:

> (yet more replying to self)
> On 21.02.2008, at 12:55, Christopher Lenz wrote:
>> On 21.02.2008, at 07:56, Ted Leung wrote:
>>> I think that would be nice, although not mandatory to preserve  
>>> the history.
>> Even if that history contains the previous GPL licensed version of  
>> the code base?
>>> What's more important is that we be able to verify that all the  
>>> code is clean from an intellectual property point of view:  
>>> <>
>> So IIUC one prerequesite to getting the code into the Apache  
>> repository is having CLAs on file for all contributors? How do we  
>> know what the status is in that respect?
> Okay, according to <>  
> CLAs are on file for myself, Damien, and Jan. Noah Slater's is  
> still not listed although he has supposedly faxed in the form weeks  
> ago. The remaining two guys from the proposal I don't even know,  
> they're no longer active in the community AFAIK.

Hmm.  We need CLA's before we can create accounts for people.    
People who don't have accounts can e-mail me and include the  
following information

Preferred username:
Full Name:
Forwarding e-mail address (where your <username> mail will  
be forwarded to):

And I'll request accounts, once I see that the CLA has gone on file.

> (BTW, how would I go about resetting the password/pubkey for my  
> account? It's been too many years since I last used it :/ )

I believe you'll have to file an infrastructure request for that.

>> Other than that, is any action needed with respect to the  
>> following external code included with the CouchDB source:
> One thing that's not clear to me is whether these things need to be  
> completely sorted out before the repository is set up and  
> populated, or only before graduation.
> This:
>   < 
> Incubation_Policy.html#Setting+Up+a+New+Podling>
> doesn't mention anything about IP clearance, while this:
>   < 
> Incubation_Policy.html#Minimum+Graduation+Requirements>
> does.

IP Clearance has to be done by graduation, not before we can import  
any code.

I've just created the repository directory for couchdb:


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